Welcome to the NEW P2P

It has now been several weeks since the doors of Occidental Institute Research Foundation made that final closing “kathunk” and freed me from all its business and corporate obligations and responsibilities. Although they tell me I’m supposed to be “retired” I haven’t been idle. It does however take time and some thoughtful introspection to look at the future possibilities and consider how I will go forward into this next chapter of my life.

During these weeks since the announcement of the OIRF closure, I’ve received hundreds of emails and phone calls. And I thank you. Thank you to everyone who emailed or called to boost my spirits during this difficult and very hectic time – we didn’t just downsize, we imploded on a mega scale. But I am now very nicely installed in a small home office, and trust that I can independently offer you many of the services and products previously offered only through OIRF.

While I will work diligently to preserve the legacy of OIRF, this now becomes my personal endeavor dedicated to a continuation of the research, education, publication and training activities that were a hallmark of that 46-year old non-profit society.

And thus, with great pleasure I would like to introduce you to Praxis2Practice Consulting and the new home of Carolyn Winsor. Now you will see the OIRF website rapidly being minimized and closed. I invite you instead to visit with me here on our new website at www.praxis2practice.com. Although you will still be able to contact me through the old OIRF email addresses, they are now all being forwarded to me through the new P2P.

Please look through these initial postings – some pages are still “under construction” and not all the formatting has been finalized – but I am happy to once again be in contact with everyone. There is much more to come . . .

Let’s Work Together