VIRUS 2019, Part 5, The Evolution

As we approach the middle of May and I look out my window at the new blossoms and greenery on this beautiful spring day, I am once again filled with joy at the resilience and resourcefulness of so many people coping with the current challenges of “stay-at-home”.

I understand the often-overwhelming frustration of our front-line healthcare workers in the Canadian, UK and American orthodox treatment centers. Their inability to help so many patients who seem to quickly and inexplicably spiral downwards into serious complications is an indication of how their treatment methods simply do not address the underlying causes.

Add in the unending negative media coverage, skewed statistics, frightening conspiracy theories and personal restrictions leading to loss of income, and it is easier to understand how many people become anxious and frustrated.

However, we just do not need any more negativity. It doesn’t have to continue like this. Already, as energy and biological healers we are helping the greatest majority of those who come to us suffering from various flu and virus illnesses. By now, you have heard all the protocols from my previous articles, from the great Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and from so many other sources. Already you have been able to incorporate those recommendations into your own practice approach and methods.

Your own experience is clearly indicating that the seriousness and mortality rates for this virus can be reduced compared to the staggeringly inaccurate statistics of Italy, the UK and the US. Let us all step back and begin to reassess not only the repercussions of this “crisis” situation, but the possibilities for the future of energy and biological healing.

I have to admit that in recent years I have felt an almost overwhelming feeling of impending implosion for our biological methods. The newly regulated restrictions on homeopathic and natural remedies and on many of the biologically oriented devices have continued to cripple manufacturers and practitioners alike. But now? Now, for the first time I feel an optimism that there can be recovery within our field.

I went back in my files, and reread that 20-page essay by Charles Eisenstein entitled “The Coronation”. When I first read it, I was enthralled, and although depicting a somewhat utopian view, it remains a well thought out and crafted beacon of possibilities. If you missed it, or didn’t take the time then, go back now and take a careful look. Because there is possibility, and there is hope that we can guide our methods into what will become the “new normal”.

I am not going to go off on a rant claiming to be “neighbors” with Mr. Gates, or bemoaning the installation of 5G networks, or offering political statements about how our governments have handled this situation. The time for documenting conspiracy theories and developing yet more unworkable therapies is done.

As the social, economic and political restrictions slowly wind down and our patients emerge from under the cloud of negativity and fear, it is time for us to quietly, calmly and resolutely begin to guide energy and biological methods out into the forefront and onto a positive and acceptable pathway. We will not be going back to “normal-before-the-virus”. That “normal” is gone. Too much has changed in a few short months – well, it has been almost nine long weeks in “isolation” for us here in Canada – but governments and people and patients and practitioners must look to new ways and new procedures for what will become the “normal” of our future.

As in any crisis there is tragedy and grief and loss. But also, there is always the possibility of change, opportunity and recovery. Many different pathways are open to us, and I must admit again that for the first time I actually feel optimistic that our methods will be retrieved and protected, and that a new place within the healthcare fields will open up for us all.

Now is the time for us to move forward to assist and support those who are ill, whether with this virus or with all the other everyday illnesses of this world. Afterall, life does go on beyond the virus. Let us continue to use energy and resonance methods to bring our patients back into a state of balance and health. And let us also remember that as energy healers we must take into consideration all aspects of each patient – physical, mental and spiritual.

It is up to us. To you and to me and to every one of the companies and researchers in this field to get-it-together and be a part of the solution to – or better yet, the evolution of – this crisis. It is only by working together and by competently fulfilling our responsibilities as energy healers that we can help to choose which path takes us forward positively from this crossroads.

I quote Dr. Michael Galitzer who initially sent the following link to me: “No conspiracies here. All about health, ending with beauty, and love. This is from an internist/endocrinologist who is very tuned in.

This interview with Zach Bush, MD and Del Bigtree (the Highwire) is about an hour and twenty minutes long but opens at minute 28. Go back to the beginning, take the hour and a half and listen carefully. The last 10 minutes are . . . amazing . . . inspiring. I’m a girl and I cried, and I’m really suspicious there was some fast eye-blinking from Del.

But this, my friends, is hope. Join with me to ensure that our voice of reason and truth is heard. Let us all work to find a future that brings together all approaches for all patients.


Let’s Work Together