Turning Points

November 2020

Again this month, we continue to wait for the unfolding drama of the US election to resolve. Uncertainty is the overwhelming sensation as we are all plagued with questions. Political and economic factors will only be resolved as it is made clear which one of the two men will attain that powerful position as U.S. president. It seems regardless of who that is, there will be unrest, possible violence and a terrible division between the people of that nation.

I would normally shy away from making comments or voicing my often contrary opinions about these type of political situations. But this time – well, I think we are all watching and questioning and wondering how these events can and will affect us personally on a daily basis. A combination of the unsettled election and the ongoing totalitarian approach to the “horrors” of the so-called pandemic brings into clear perspective the huge rift that exists amongst the people of the USA, and within the rest of the world.

I find myself questioning how the future of energy and natural medicine will be played out within the greater schism of politics and economy. Where in here is the “good of the people” and a return to our democracy and fundamental rights and freedoms? Or, are we doomed to the global “great reset” that will forever change the political, economic and societal concepts of the future?

Once again (especially here in Canada, but also in Germany, Australia and so many others) we are seeing “mandatory masks”, travel and movement restrictions, and threats of lockdowns and business closures. As my annual winter gym membership renews today, the news is that they too will likely be shut down again within the week.

For me, I wonder what can I do to make a difference? Is my voice too soft? Or too strident? How can we find a peaceful or at least a compassionate resolution to the many challenges that face us as energy healers? This month, I have translated a masterful article from Dr. Bodo Köhler with his comments about the increasingly frustrating pandemic situation. Entitled “Has the Political and Social Turning Point Arrived?” his information and questions strongly exhort us to speak out. Read the translated article here.

In looking back over my commentaries of previous months, my thoughts remain that we all – somehow – have to be actively involved in how energy and natural medicine will be brought into the future. I’ve spoken about Kairos vs Chronos, listed way too many Questions we should all be asking, guided you to Charles Eisenstein’s amazing essay about choosing a pathway, and wondered about the so-called New Normal. Please look back and think about the issues I’ve raised.

When you look at the pandemic situation, and then also consider the losses of the Homeopathic industry due to the CODEX (not to mention the current FDA guidelines attempting to destroy it completely in the USA), and the meltdown of the energetic medical device industry due to the current global regulations, we must understand that all of these methods are under attack.

This is not a new struggle but it is a struggle that often repeats in cycles. And I have to admit that in the many decades I have been involved with our field, I have suffered the persecution and played the games of semantics many times. Are we moving into yet another part of the cycle where our only alternative is to go “underground”? We are once again losing remedies, devices and methods that will never be recovered unless we can find a way to protect them. We cannot do this quietly.

And as melodramatically as I’ve stated this, I do agree with Dr. Köhler. This is our chance! Where is that line when we will stand up and simply say “No!” to the supposed health restrictions that are not protecting us but rather are destroying our freedom of speech and our fundamental human rights? However you want to say it, I do not believe we have missed the crossroads, or the pathway or that crucial moment of Kairos. But, we cannot be a part of the silent majority. We must seek the path that will bring us to at least a compromise – to a point where we can voice our opinions freely without fear of censorship, and practice the energetic and natural methods we know are most effective for our patients without fear of persecution.

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Quote from GreenMed Info:
Visualize a picture of a young woman at a recent demonstration whose sign read:
The real conspiracy theorists believe that the government cares about them, the media would never mislead or lie to them and the pharmaceutical industry that makes billions off sickness wants to cure them.

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