Super Learning Applications!

Comments in a recent email from D.S., Illinois USA

I thought to briefly report back in after a couple weeks or so with the “toys.” My phone call with Dieter was enjoyable.

Regarding the super learning… I called Dieter Jossner yesterday regarding the “super learning capability.” He said the FIT 915 goggles served the general function of literally getting the brain “fit” (5 to up to 15 min. upon rising w/ white light) while the NSA 07 frequency device would be used for the actual super learning part. While one is learning or even throughout the day, the “Alpha” (10.6 Hz) can be switched on which will allow the information to enter the subconsciousness quicker and thus go into the long-term memory. Two other frequencies including “Slow Alpha” (9.6Hz) could also be used for similar effects depending on the individual. Global or Schumann frequency is also useful. He said by having the NSA 07 you don’t need to buy extra accessories for the FIT 915 (at least for the frequencies provided on the NSA 07 including learning frequencies).

I asked if other devices also aided faster learning and he said yes. The larger HPT 3D offers the combined light and frequencies over a larger area, though he said it would not be worth it if you only wanted the super learning feature. That said, a TV station near him in Germany bought one and some of the employees found they learned material in just 20-30% or a quarter of the time it usually took. Jossner also provided me some personal anecdotes on how the learning feature has helped him. There is also a “laying down” full body version of the HPT 3D that he told me about. He said difference between small devices and HPT 3D was like a “bicycle vs. a lorry.”

Already, I’ve definitely noticed improved concentration while studying (languages) with the Alpha frequency but my schedule has been a bit inconsistent to say anything beyond that for now.

The goggles are a pretty big hit with my family. Three practitioner friends have also tried them out and felt good effects including noticeable improvement of chronic dry eye with only a short period of use.

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