September, 2020

As summer fades and fall brings changing colors and rainy days, I have wondered how long we, as a people, will continue to relinquish our freedom and grant authority to unelected health authorities under the pretense of safety and protection.

Along with almost everyone, I have resigned myself to wearing a face covering in many public situations and whenever meeting clients and patients; waiting in lines six feet apart just to enter the bank; and, registering in the “guest book” to enter a restaurant. Travel has been completely curtailed unless you are able and willing to quarantine away from loved ones for weeks at a time. And with fears of the “second wave”, many are eagerly anticipating the “free vaccines” so that we can “get back to normal”. Why have we allowed this in so many of our supposedly free countries?

As I listen to the regular announcements in the “news” I cannot help but ask questions – although my Mom reassures me they cannot hear me and will not answer. Perhaps it is my cynical side, or the memories of personal past harassments from the medical authorities, or that always interesting enquiry to “follow the money”, but I am quite confident in stating we are not getting the full or correct information with regard to this virus.

Late last week an article published on our beloved Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) website is titled: “We looked at every confirmed COVID-19 case in Canada. Here’s what we found.” Along with the byline “CBC News analyzed data on all confirmed cases of COVID-19 collected by Public Health Agency of Canada”. Here’s the link to see this analysis. Although they reiterate the same basic statistics we have been force-fed since last March, my questioning mind immediately started asking those irreverent questions.

  • CBC News analyzed this data? Really? To me this appears to simply be a reiteration of the Health Canada Statistics
  • How were these statistics collected? Or, analyzed for that matter?
  • What of unreported cases?
  • Why the emphasis on those hospitalized? Why not the recovered?
  • And what about those +9,200 deaths in Canada:
    • Are these deaths solely due to COVID?
    • How many of these deaths involved 1, 2, 3 or even 4 other comorbidity factors, especially with the high majority of elderly deaths? And, not to mention the age-related deaths of these 80+ year old’s with or without COVID!
    • Are these fatalities higher, the same or lower than previous year flu-related respiratory deaths?
    • Do these death numbers change the baseline of deaths throughout Canada?
    • Are these death numbers outside of the baseline for other morbidity factors like the some ±150 deaths monthly in our province of British Columbia alone due to overdoses from illegal (opioid) drug use? How about heart attacks and car accidents?

Okay – don’t get me ranting again. Although we are finally beginning to see information leaking out through the alternate news sources in spite of the authoritarian and ongoing censorship of alternative or opposing information, our continued quiet compliance with restrictions will not resolve our lost freedoms. Here again are a series of links that I offer without further comment:

By now each of you has found a method or process to assist building the immunity of our patients and assisting those who do manage to “catch” this virus. I still highly recommend that you stay on the contact lists of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Ralf Oettmeier (Alpstein Clinic), and listen in to their knowledgeable and enlightening webinars. And we must remember, and remind our patients, that since there are successful treatments for the virus, there is no need for a vaccine. I feel like we are still teetering on the edge politically on the topic of mandatory vaccines, but this too can be influenced if we stand up and slow (or preferably stop) the “health” restrictions and abandonment of our freedoms.

The power of the mainstream media in maintaining the party line of restrictions and regulations has been another enlightening experience. I have personally experienced the biased and overpowering influence of the press during threats against Occidental Institute in the earlier years introducing acupuncture and EAV. It feels impossible to present an alternative or opposing explanation to a story that has been pre-determined in one interpretation of events. This is not new, but it has reached unprecedented heights with the “coverage” of this virus.

Here is the translation that I’ve worked away on over the past few weeks. Because this is political in nature, the vocabulary is not as familiar to me as medical terminology. And of course, since the article is written by a veteran and highly respected journalist and journalism teacher, I wanted to make sure I translated what he actually said (implications and all) rather than interpret what I thought he meant. I must say too, that this could only ever have been published in that amazing contemporary journal raum&zeit [= space & time]. I understand that this article is about what’s happening in Germany, but my goal is to get you thinking about what is happening here – to change your perspective of what we are seeing in the media. In English I believe we are even more controlled than in Germany and Europe where alternative medicine is more recognized and accepted. But we must take heed. Written by Peter Orzechowski the article is called: “Corona Makes It Possible; Takeover of the State Media”. Read more here: State Media.

Daily, it becomes clearer that this is no longer a situation created to keep us safe or to protect our health. This has moved away from concern for our well being into an economic, social and political system that regulates and tracks every aspect of our lives. This is a matter of control. How do we now regain our freedom? How do we now ensure that our alternative healing methods remain available today and protected into the future?

As the days and weeks of this past month have slowly passed for me, I’ve begun to realize the emotional and physical toll I am paying personally to daily watch the unfolding events and analyze the seemingly unending stream of propaganda and opposition. It is overwhelming to attempt to perceive a pathway for those of us working with these energy healing methods. It truly is a time of transformation, and the resolutions to the current “virus crisis” will affect not only our personal lives but the global population. Imagining and understanding such unprecedented and broad ranging resolutions and policies are way beyond my limited abilities in spite of my nearly fifty years experience in this field. And so, I pledge to you that I will continue to follow this transformation process, but now I must turn my focus back where it belongs. Back to the developments and research within our field of energy medicine outside of COVID.

Nevertheless, one final time I repeat: “The time has come to choose our pathway. We can no longer keep our heads down and keep slogging through our day-by-day practice in hopes it will get better. It is clear to me, that it is time for us all to stand up. To stand up and be counted.”


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