Point and Medication Testing Training

AMA (EAV) hands-on workshop for MD’s during August 24-26, 2018 sponsored by Dr. Simon Yu of Prevention and Healing in St. Louis, Missouri.

Note that this AMA training and boot camp session has recently been opened to practitioners with alternate certification. It focuses on EAV-type testing for parasites and dental problems.

I have prepared another new lecture for presentation during this workshop and developed what I am calling a Mini-EAV-Manual. This lecture and the new materials will ease learning the exact points for point and medication testing using either EAV (Voll) or AMA (Yu). They will guide the participants through the precise location process using pictorial and descriptive text. Additionally, information is included on the relationship with TCM points/meridians, what type of disorders can be tested or are usually found as well as which remedies are usually tested here.

Follow this link to register for this exceptional workshop and training session.

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