VIRUS 2019, Part 4, April 2020

Today I have been going through all the notes, conversations and research that have been accumulating on my virtual and real desks since my Part 2-3 blog post in March. I have been watching the gazillions of bytes of information crossing my screens on virtually an hourly basis with a combination of horror, concern, amazement, even amusement and then back again to frustration and deep concern.

If you do no more research and read nothing further, please follow this link:

I have lots of other information and many links for you covering most of the varying theories, conspiracies and “scientific” details that you can look at and make up your own minds. Personally, I would save reading this 20-page essay until the end, and I will repeat this information in my closing comments, but if you are stopping here, please don’t miss these critically important comments. Let us all work together to find a future that brings together all approaches for all patients.

A few slightly different introductory comments:

I’ve run into some reprimands for my recent posts and criticism over my lack of support for some of the eminent practitioners offering their proprietary “treatments” and “cures”. Sadly, I’m not unused to such criticism and threats.

In response to those reprimands, I initially decided that my work on this topic was done. Clearly people are thinking about what I had to say. In terms of biological and energetic help for patients suffering from various flu and virus illnesses, I still strongly stand behind both my February 2020, Part 1 and March 2020, Parts 2 & 3 post releases on my website. These are tried and true basics and I know that each of you also have natural methods and approaches that can be used to help our patients.

But stepping back again, because I am now “only” a semi-retired individual and not the well-known research organization of OIRF, my wings can be clipped a little easier. However, I am in a unique position because I have nothing to financially gain or lose in this situation, and I have the time, ability and training to collect and analyse this “space shuttle” overflowing with information.

I continue to collect data (other than simply reading the latest posts on Medscape and PubMed), but to better put a barrier between myself and the censoring of my website and blogs I am returning back to my more basic responsibility of providing you with the resources and information you need to make your own decisions. I am reminded by my very patient mother (who still proofreads all my writing) that you are all adults – intelligent, highly trained, well educated and caring practitioners of energy methods. You simply do not need me to tell you again how, in this situation, to treat your patients. Instead I will mostly be providing the internet links to some focused information [and now watch how some of it will be yanked, discredited or labelled as disinformation].

As we navigate the coming weeks and months, both as individuals and practitioners, it is going to be a time of challenge and change. I think in many ways we have reached the crossroads that were predicted as part of Y2K some 20 years ago. Interesting . . .

The basics:

Here is an English language translation of the original Chinese Study regarding COVID:

Note they included a long section for treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Now, here are the studies on Hydroxychloroquine from France:

In one French study (which now seems to have disappeared into the ether) by the initial virology researcher (who has been working on SARS and MERS for quite some time), Dr. Didier Raoult, worked with eighty elderly patients who had all been admitted to hospital with severe symptoms including COVID pneumonia. With the combination therapy discussed in the above studies, 79 of those patients were considered clear of COVID within 8 days and prepared for release. The remaining patient was 78 years old and suffered with three other comorbidity factors, and sadly passed away. [Note also that Dr. Klinghardt emphasizes the addition of zinc as an important factor in this treatment.]

How can we help?

Beyond the suggestions outlined in my February 2020, Part 1 and March 2020, Part 2 & 3 posts regarding the virus, here are a few new contributions. Note: Those of you working with BioResonance devices which have electronic remedy information, will be able to find most of the remedies listed available for testing and delivery, including chloroquine.

The Alpstein Clinic in Switzerland with Dr.’s Oettmeier, Herzog, Kohl and Vizkelety have now published their third newsletter release concerning COVID-19. Contact by email if you are not already receiving their information. Here is another “scientific” explanation of the immune system, viruses, cytokines and many of the minute (and microscopic) details. These physicians recommend a combination of lifestyle, diet and biological remedies recommended for healing and protective measures.

I listened again today to the update information from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt which you can find here: along with his other webinars and lectures. As a physician he has a very carefully laid out treatment protocol that has apparently been very successful during this crisis situation. Presented this time with a little less drama and a more positive response especially to the conspiracy theories, I can highly recommend his approach which mirrors the work of several French and international researchers and practitioners.

Basic help from

What caused this virus? Theories or conspiracies?

Whichever cause or theory you choose to give credence, is not for me to decide. Here are several that I have been following. I send grateful thanks to Dr. Chris B. in the UK for his conversations and insights into some of these aspects. Interestingly, for virtually every theory there is another article to discredit it.

In my personal opinion, I still do not accept that 5G is the “cause” of the virus. There is compelling convergence of information with the release of the first radio wave net (2018), radar (after the WW2) and so on leading to recent installation of the 5G net. However, to me there are gaps between that logic and the known effects and transmission of viruses. To say that viruses don’t exist, or are simply toxins being excreted from cells, is pushing the limits of credibility. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no question that the effect of 5G frequencies will affect biological beings. They will definitely reduce our immune system response and play havoc with the earth’s own natural frequencies that we all need to remain healthy. Here is some of the information I’ve collected on this aspect of 5G.

The connection with 5G – the nature of viruses and the link to vaccinations:

All three of these presentations were removed within the last few days by YouTube with the following notice: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” All three videos discussed the probability that 5G was the foundation for the widespread virus. Here are two links that (at the time of publishing) still exist:

From alternate media:

Also see information from: 5g Crisis Awareness and Accountability with Josh del Sol

If this is the theory and cause that you accept, then we must find ways to heal and protect our patients and families from the very deleterious effects. You already have information on techniques that have been effective in relieving the symptoms of this virus.

Now also remember that Mr. Dieter Jossner of the Medical Electronics firm in Germany has been a strong advocate of “No 5G” for several years and he has developed three devices (called BioSphere Optimization System) which introduce a natural earth’s-own frequency so that the body has time to relax and heal. See the NeuroSync 7E (personal device) as well as the small area (BOS 318) or larger area (BOS 518) devices. These will at least offer protection for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Vaccinations, and Certificates of Health, and . . .

Here then is one of the recent articles written by Sayer Ji from GreenMed Info which brings in the vaccination link:

And, from Mr. Gates himself:

This “agenda” is much more compelling to me in light of the current political and economic restrictions and policies put into place in virtually every country worldwide. The implications surrounding things like the Event 201 Scenario (2019) and Mr. Gates comments, leave little to the imagination. The connections between vaccinations and the use of 5G for monitoring are yet to be fully disclosed. We may never know the details – only the consequences of such an agenda. It would be hoped that the successful and widespread resolution (and treatments) to the virus situation would completely derail such plans. [See Charles Eisenstein’s essay previously mentioned.]

And then there are statistics:

I’m sure you saw the mortality rates listed in the GreenMed Info article. But how are the COVID numbers and statistics being recorded and analyzed? We see the rapidly rising numbers of those who are infected, and then the startling numbers of deaths! Where are the numbers for those who have recovered? Has everyone who has been infected been recorded, or were their symptoms so mild they stayed at home in self-isolation and returned to work or activity? Did the patients who died, pass away solely from the virus? Or, were they already ill with other complications? Frankly, there is a difference between dying with COVID and dying from COVID, is there not? I think that we can make statistics say whatever we want at times, but here’s one example about the mortality rates and numbers in Italy:

A few notes: Italy has the oldest population in Europe with a mean age of 67. At the time this information was published, the average age of COVID deaths in Italy was 78 years old with 1-3 comorbidity factors!

And, when did “they” begin recording statistics? This one is still conjecture (an article is USA Today), but multiple other sources are beginning to respond to this possibility.

December coughs

So, where do we go from here?

With all of this negativity, restriction and fear surrounded by the never-ending media circus, where do we go from here? It’s not up to me to find the cause and report the “science” and figure out all the conspiracies. Nor is it yours as energy practitioners. Our goal, our responsibility, our trust lies with our families, our staff and most importantly with our patients. As especially the American people move into a time of great loss, chaos and illness, now is the time for us to quietly, calmly and resolutely move forward to assist and support those who are ill – whether with this virus or with all the other everyday illnesses of this world – and with the use of energy and resonance methods bring them back into a state of balance and health.

For us our greatest asset (our strength so to speak) is that we can utilize the basic Resonance testing methods like ART, EAV, AMA, Vega or even Kinesiology to analyze the disturbances and then make positive and accurate recommendations to regain balance. All of you – each of you – have the tools and the ability and the knowledge to work within the confines of helping people without stepping on the toes of orthodox medicine.

With the restrictive “stay-at-home” measures and economic and political changes occurring in response to this virus situation, I quite frankly do not see how any country will return to the “normal” of before. We are at a crossroads, again. Which path will open for those of us using biological healing methods? I once again call on you to help me. Help me not by sending me what methods you are using – sorry, I received so many possibilities ranging from the use of ozone, to a special frequency developed in New Zealand that you can listen to and even to a special emf marker, that I simply cannot publish them all. And, likely would not be allowed to. But it is this kind of innovation, cooperation and energetic thinking that will quietly bring help and healing for our patients.

Rather, help me, work together with me, join with me to protect these methods and then extend them into the future – the “after-the-virus” future – that now is still a bit hazy. My heart and my mind are working overtime trying to analyze how as energy healers we can move successfully into that future. I often think and organize my thoughts while I write and when I come back the next day, I wonder how did I ever put all that together. But this time I just cannot seem to express these ideas as clearly as I wish. As I worked my way through the unending stream of virus information a few days ago, I came upon yet another website and newsletter through an amazing 20-page essay.

My initial thoughts were “here we go again”, but no. By the end of Page One I was enthralled. I will admit it took me three sessions to get through this essay the first time. By the second reading, I had my marker in hand and was eagerly pulling out quotes. I wish I could write as eloquently and precisely as this. Here are the thoughts that have been swimming through my head, but didn’t seem to find a place to land. I’m not a mathematician or a philosopher like Mr. Charles Eisenstein, and I truly want to thank him for his erudite essay:

The Coronation

It’s up to us – you and me and every one of the companies and researchers in this field – to get-it-together and be a part of the solution to this crisis. We need to build our energy from our loving hearts for humanity to repair and become stronger” [Thanks, Chris]. Perhaps it’s time for us to listen to Sayer Ji at GreenMed Info and think of “Community”. Or, to James Maskell and his “Evolution of Medicine”. Regardless, it is only by working together and by quietly fulfilling our responsibilities as energy healers that we can help to choose which path takes us forward positively from this crossroads.

May you all be safe and well. May the tragedies and the deaths from this crisis touch you only softly. From my heart . . .


BONUS: Yes, I have been busy during our long-running period of self-isolation. To break away from the non-stop flow of virus information, I turned to completing the translation of an article on a suspected viral involvement with Alzheimer syndrome.

For Readers in a Hurry

Some patients with light to moderate Alzheimer Dementia were examined for possible disease triggers with the BioResonance [assessment] test. An infection with Epstein Barr Virus was identified in the hippocampus in all patients and the severity of the infection correlated with the dementia impairment.

Please follow this link to read more . . .

Let’s Work Together