Is This the “New Normal”?

Is This the “New Normal”?

Must we accept? Must we adjust? Should we – or are we allowed to – question the restrictions?

It is obvious that we are universally being manipulated and controlled, since no one is allowed to speak or write any opposing opinion to that which is being force-fed through the mainstream media. We are all supposed to believe that the unending and tragic statistics blared across our TVs and electronic media represent the only truth – and the whole truth – about this virus. For most people, this is their only source of information. No wonder we are all so frightened.

As I first began researching this virus late last year, it was already becoming clear that there was an aura of hysteria surrounding the rapid spread and then shutdown of information. With publication of my first article on the topic in February, orthodox medicine as represented by the WHO, CDC and FDA organizations was already defensive, prepared for a pandemic and ramping up the fear factors. I feel like this campaign of manipulation and power games should be taught in the business and advertising educational centers as a textbook example of how to create, promote and control a market.

A recent article from The Centre for Research on Globalization simply called Quarantine and published by GreenMed Info clearly outlines some of the darker underlying political and economic factors in the creation and continuation of the virus crisis.

The numerous failures of recent and current flu vaccine-types, does not bode well for those that are being developed and prepared for the current virus whether or not it is a true pandemic. The power of “one small group of infectious disease experts – all incestuously related – issuing edicts in the form of ‘professional advice’ … and whose conflicts of interest are too vast to list”, has propagandized everyone’s fear of infection to promote a mandatory vaccination program. This is an astonishing and unprecedented political and economic power play. I’ve seen one comment in the alternate media stating: “We’ve had a flu vaccine since 1933, yet we still have the flu” – how’s that really working for them?

However, for us as energy healers – and as informed citizens – within this scenario of the current health crisis, there are two key flaws for why we do not need a vaccine to “stop the virus”:
First, we have an immune system! Those with a weakened immune system will suffer – or perhaps even die – more than those who are healthy and have a strong immune system.
And second, there are multiple energetic, natural and integrative treatments to boost and strengthen our immune system, or to enable the very small percentage of patients recover should the virus take a more serious turn – even when there are other underlying health problems.

Many say that because this is an H1N1-type corona virus similar to the pandemic of 1918, it must be a pandemic of global and tragic consequences. But really? Has not our hygiene and medical response improved in a hundred years? After all, the SARS and MERS corona virus-type scares of 18 and 12 years ago have slowly subsided and we still have no vaccine for them.

Sadly already, various international governments have already purchased million of doses of various untested of coronavirus vaccine “to protect their citizens”. Have they not learned from the Tamiflu fiasco of 15-20 years ago? I wonder if the general population is being allowed even basic informed consent regarding mass vaccination in this “trial and error” method of “stopping” the virus? And the madness continues.

A few points to ponder:

I think it is our responsibility to continue to question. It is time for us to speak out. Not with anger and shouting and accusations, but rather by calmly helping our patients and remaining strongly in the forefront of discussions about how we can emerge from the mandated restrictions and move into a (hopefully) post-pandemic economic and political resurrection.

Change and transformation always comes with upheaval. If we are to survive and to continue practicing energetic and natural healing methods in this unique and powerful time in history, we must be prepared to choose which pathways we will follow and how we can best present a positive and forceful alternative – or perhaps integration – with orthodox medicine.

Why are the treatments that can so effectively and rapidly heal 99+% of virus infection cases being denied to patients, censored from social and mainstream media and ridiculed as misinformation? Why is it that the ineffective and often harmful orthodox treatment methods are the only methods available to patients? If those orthodox treatments are working so well for them, why are they so afraid to hear about alternatives?

Quarantines and Isolation (“The Great 2020 Lockdown”)

  • How did this happen globally? What unelected power, group or organization was able to bring all forms of government regardless of lack of or level of democracy to their knees, and force virtually every citizen and inhabitant to isolate in their homes for months?
  • If the initial purpose of the isolation was to “flatten the curve” – spread out the number of infections so that hospitals would not be overrun. Have we not yet met that goal?
  • And why then are otherwise healthy people quarantined and isolated?
  • Why now, is isolation purported to “stop the virus”? How is that even possible when we’re barely allowed to go outside or into the sunshine?

Social or Physical Distancing

  • As human beings, most of us are social people who need and desire connections with others. Loneliness in the aged (and often not so aged) is a stressful factor itself that often leads to various illnesses. The mandated restrictions on touching or congregating or meeting together denies our true physical, spiritual and mental nature.
  • Again, the purpose of physical distancing is touted as a way to avoid catching the virus, and thus to “flatten the curve”. Has this not been accomplished after all these months?


  • Okay, this one is a bit trickier, but nonetheless politicized at this point. The only mask I’ve seen that would truly protect you from a virus – any virus – looks virtually like a gas mask that covers the face and the eyes along with nose and mouth. Haven’t you seen the people giving the COVID tests that are basically in space suits?
  • Apparently, the N95 and N99 surgical face masks will protect from a virus.
  • Now, we are mandated in many places and encouraged in all others to cover our face when in public. Many church and charity organizations have been praised and encouraged to distribute hand- and home-made masks. Governments and businesses proudly announce that they have sufficient PPE’s for all. All the grocery stores and pharmacies will happily sell you boxes of “medical” masks for upwards of $60 a pop. Those of us with hearing impairments have oriented toward neck “gaiters” and bandanas.
  • But why? Will any of these masks and face coverings stop a virus? Not likely! So why are we wearing them and what are we supposedly protecting “ourselves and others” from?


  • For me this falls into about the same category as the masks. Yes, they’ll stop a virus – until we touch our purse or wallet, or the steering wheel, or the grocery cart or (egads) our face. Oh, and then there’s our phone and the TV remote.

Think about it this way. If the isolation works, why do we need physical distancing? If the physical distancing works, why do we need masks? If the masks work, why do we need gloves? And if they all work, why are we still virtually locked down? And, most importantly, if there are effective treatments why do we need a vaccine???

And in all cases, from isolation through gloves, we have totally removed our body and our immune system out of the real world. And we have reduced and weakened ourselves to the point where we will be even more susceptible to all the little germs and pathogens out there waiting to pounce as soon as we step onto the lawn or into the grocery store or even our car.

Here are three petitions that are circulating against mandatory vaccinations, and more are arising each day. Make your voice heard in at least this format:

Here’s a link to another article translation taken from the German journals. An article by Dr. Gerhard Honeck called “On the Way to Integrative Medicine: The Role of Natural Medicine in Connection with the Weak Points of Orthodox Medicine”. Here is yet another interesting proposal for how we can protect and expand these natural methods into a more accepting future. Read more here.

On a personal note, I’ve been reminded of the quote from Theodore Roosevelt “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” And, I have to say I’ve had some really interesting conversations with my Mom Catharine during recent weeks. During our lockdown and unable to get into our local library for our weekly reading collection, she has been re-reading and studying the books of the esteemed constitutional historian Laurence Gardner. This bestselling author of such books as “The Grail Enigma”, “The Magdalen Legacy” and “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” has delved into the ancient and recent past to quite clearly guide us into a better understanding of how we have arrived into this current pivotal time in history. That old saying about how if we ignore (or forget) the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat them. These are tough and erudite volumes that have filled the weeks of isolation and lockdown for her. It has been a blessing and a most enlightening experience for me, that she and I can discuss the current crises and events from an historical and ethical perspective that allows us to better understand the mainstream narrative being spoon fed to all. If you’re interested in such heady materials, look him up or get his books.

In closing, I ask you to step back from that mainstream narrative and think. Let’s be practical and thoughtful about how we respond. Then speak up. Ask questions. And make your calm and reasonable voice heard at every opportunity. Here’s a quote from one of our long-ago conservative politicians:
I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think is right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country.
Former Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker (13th Prime Minister of Canada, 1895-1979).

Be well and be healthy, my friends


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