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Statement Regarding These Recommendations

The following information and recommendations are based on my years of experience working in this field initially with Occidental Institute Research Foundation and then independently as Praxis2Practice Consulting.

In making these recommendations I have taken many factors into account including (and often not limited to):

  • Primarily, the quality of the instrumentation
  • What will it do?
  • Can the technical aspects of the device be clearly explained and have they been carefully researched?
  • Is the device certified in Europe? As “medical” or “wellness”? With CE and/or ISO certification?
  • Are there studies to back-up the application and claims?
  • Does the company have ample staff and facilities to handle international sales, export and shipping?
  • Is the pricing fair?
  • Does the company have English speaking staff?
  • What kind of instructions and documentation come with the device?
  • Are there training programs available?
  • What literature is available?
  • And so on . . .

Before making such a recommendation, I am looking at the whole picture of the product and making that recommendation on an overall basis of availability, cost and application. With the reminder that I am a researcher within this field rather than a practitioner, I have additionally relied on the comments of an elite group of practitioner/advisors for practical experiential information.

Looking at quality and proven application as the primary criteria for recommendation, I have maintained a constant vigil and inspection of the many new and ever-changing devices on the market for Biological Medicine both in Europe and in North America. However, many of these recommended companies are companies that I have dealt with professionally for extended periods of time (OIRF was a contracted distributor for Med-Tronik for more than 40 years). Quality is the key! – not just novelty or “new”.

I do not represent any of these companies as a commercial or contracted distributor. These recommendations are made to guide the practitioner in finding the devices or products that will work best for them at the best price possible for the most effectiveness in your daily practice.

Remember also, that none of these products are registered with either Health Canada or the US FDA. Because of this, no medical claims can be openly made outside of the research and translation reports available through Praxis2Practice and other research organizations. If you choose to purchase one of these products for your practice, please mention Praxis2Practice or Carolyn Winsor. The supplier will offer you a small discount along with a small donation to my retirement fund as a “referral fee”. Thank you for your trust.

My recommendations

Something New

Something New Thank you for visiting this new page on the P2P website. For now the page has been established and I am preparing a number of posts and information releases about those products, devices and publications which I can recommend or suggest for your Biological Medicine practice. The plan is to add various items to this