Medicine Week 2018:

Yes, I am back at my desk after an amazing trip to Baden-Baden, Germany to participate in the 52nd Medicine Week Congress. After attending at least 35 of the past Med-Week Congresses, there was no way I was missing this one whether with a group or on my own. And it was worth it! We enjoyed a most informative and educational journey, and I was also personally able to re-new and re-fresh my many friendships, contacts and connections after the closing of OIRF last summer.

There have been so many developments over the past 6-12 months – well beyond the closing of OIRF – that I feel like I am brimming with news, updates and information. Thus, over the next several weeks I am planning to publish a series of commentaries covering changes to device certifications, introduction of a few new testing devices and a new BioResonance device (soon?), a new “remedy duplicator” as well as a high quality nosode software program.

There’s too much for one post, so it will definitely come in parts . . . Stay tuned for more.

Let’s Work Together