Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 2

Simon Yu, MD spoke during the Cancer Congress at Med-Week during the ½ day English sessions. His new presentation was excellent and was – as far as I could see – very well received. Leigh Erin Conneally, MD also spoke during that conference. She is such a dynamic and passionate speaker that she too was well received. A strong representation from USA/Canada that showcased how advanced and involved with this field we truly are.

Again, this year there were a some English lectures available. Most were through. Thomas Rau, MD and his new organization the Swiss Biological Medicine Academy. There were also a few lectures with Ralf Oettmeier, MD and Uwe Reuter, MD from Klinik im Leben, German and the Alpstein Clinic, Switzerland. This gives a very narrow and one-sided view of what is happening in Germany in particular and Europe in general. And, in spite of Switzerland’s more lenient natural health regulations of a few years ago, there also we are starting to see a resurgence of restrictions.

The tour program to Med-Week sponsored by the Marion Institute and BRMI with Sharon Stills, ND and Kimchi Moyer, LAc was a good basic starters’ schedule. Although they managed to cover some good but short lectures along with the social activities of the spas and the casino, there was little advanced, overview or new material presented. Without including the political and legislative changes that are swirling throughout Germany, their participants left with a rosy but somewhat unrealistic view of what is actually happening in Germany with Biological Medicine. I have offered to work with them for future programs. Through my personal contacts and experience with such tour programs, I am sure I could help them incorporate some more advanced info and speakers.

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