As we move through the sixth month of this momentous year 2020, the changes within the spiritual, climate, economic, societal and healthcare aspects of our countries have become more focused while at the same time more chaotic. For us as biological and energy practitioners and healers, it has often been a matter of “slogging” through what feels like a strong current of criticism, censorship and even persecution. The choices available to us to move forward into the future are constantly in flux, and yet the patient response to the effectiveness of our natural methods and remedies has been strong and positive.

“In 1985, a group of South African clergy and theologians created a document called the Kairos Document in response to apartheid, the decades-long regime of racial oppression that targeted the country’s black majority, curtailing their education, denying them citizenship and the right to vote, and segregating public services. In this document, they stated, [this is a] “moment of grace and opportunity – a time in which God issues a challenge to decisive action.” The document went on to say that this is also “a dangerous time, because if this opportunity is missed, and allowed to pass by, the loss for the Church is immeasurable.”

The religious leaders who created the Kairos Document used the word Kairos to emphasize that these weren’t ordinary times.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are currently in a moment of Kairos. There is chaos and shadow, crisis, disorientation and upheaval.”

Keri Wehlander(1)

In Greek, both Kairos and Chronos literally mean “time”. Chronos refers to the passage of regular time as in “What time is it?” and possibly that old saying every parent has heard “Are we there yet?” Chronos represents a quantitative time that we measure with clocks and calendars. Kairos on the other hand represents a kind of qualitative time more like “the right time” or the right moment – the moment of opportunity. It is timeliness, decorum, symmetry, balance, or “the circumstances that open moments of opportunity” be it rhetoric, advertising or story.

We’re all familiar with Chronos. The stress of running a practice (appointments on time), travel time, getting out of the office “on time”, and so on. But Kairos is more subliminal and we often appreciate “the moment” without conscious attention. Interestingly one of the most common examples of Kairos is also related to current unrest:

  • Speech “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr., Aug. 28, 1963
  • Historical Context and Importance:
    • The “Where” – the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC
    • The “Why” – the culmination of a march on Washington by thousands of members of the civil rights movement
    • The “When” –
      • During the centennial celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation
      • At a time of day when broadcast networks could carry the speech live
      • During a march which had drawn more than 250,000 people to the capital

The speech was rhetorically powerful. It changed minds, persuaded people to support the civil rights movement, and served as a powerful rallying cry for a generation of reformers. However, by putting it all together it created the perfect moment for Dr. King’s message to reach the largest number of receptive listeners.

Excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., during that speech:

“This is no time to engage the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice.”

Like so many during these chaotic and confusing times, I feel that we have approached that moment in time – in history – that will bring great change into so many aspects of our lives. How do we bring chaos and challenge, crisis, disorientation and upheaval back into order? Can we believe that chaos is the expression of the changes necessary to bring about transformation?

How we go forward as biological and energy healers is challenging, and kind of scary. During the current crises, it is straightforward to see what is not working. We can see the chaos and challenge with moment-by-moment updates in the mainstream media. But how do we now transform the dissent fomenting as a result of the draconian restrictions (or dare I say repression) implemented through the excuse of the so-called pandemic into the necessary innovation that will change our practice future forever? What can we do, not only as energy healers, but as individuals?

The transformation in spirituality

  • The Challenge: Over the course of the past years, we have seen churches, synagogues and temples gradually facing decreased congregations, and even the remaining congregants have mostly silver hair.
    During the pandemic lockdown we have been denied our right to freely congregate and practice our personal spiritual beliefs.
  • The Innovation: As churches and spiritual leaders moved into online services during the lockdowns there have been clear indications of rapid participation increases. Zoom meetings, Google Team and online services will rapidly become part of the future of all religious organizations.
  • What can I do? From Dr. Thierry Hertoghe we learned that one of the main characteristics of people who live to be centenarians is – simply put – “faith”. For us, for our families and for our patients let us remember that we are the triumvirate of body, mind and spirit always linked by the balance of energy that represents health.

The transformation in the climate crisis

  • The Challenge: We see our political leaders continue to allow large corporations and even nations to contribute to the destruction of the environment.
    We have seen the quiet but now virtually irreversible rollout of the chaotic 5G network during the pandemic lockdown. Installations cover schools, hospitals, care homes, corporations and financial institutions. Completed without full research, responsibility or our consent.
  • The Innovation: Amazingly, with the global reduction of human activity due to the pandemic we can clearly see cleaner air and water everywhere!
  • What can I do?
    5G – I think, at this point in time, it will not be possible to stop the rollout of the 5G network. T-Mobil (US) and Bell (Canada) have installed a blanket of network hardware over the past few months of stay-at-home restrictions. Already the promotional campaigns are painting the technology as benign, easy to use and offering incredibly powerful application. Here are three resources that are diligently working to stop or slow the rollout.
    Magda Havas, PhD at https://magdahavas.com/
    Josh del Sol at https://the5gsummit.com/host/josh-del-sol/
    Scientific, Public Health and Technical Advisors at https://www.radiationresearch.org/
  • More Innovation: If this network and technology cannot be avoided, then we must learn to adapt and to offer healing assistance to our patients. Consider the Neurosync Alpha“E” NSA 07, and the BioSphere Optimization Systems BOS 318 and BOS 518 devices manufactured by Medical Electronics in Germany. These will offer relief from the overwhelming radiation spectrum for you and your patients. See http://praxis2practice.com/wellnessproducts/

The transformation in the economic crisis

  • The Challenges: We see how some people who have amassed unimaginable amounts of money attempt to influence and undermine the very democracy of our nations with policies aimed to control and limit our freedoms of speech, healthcare, movement, congregation and religion – based solely on their own personal opinions because they have accumulated such wealth.
    Meanwhile, we have seen that most of us regardless of faith, gender, race or economic status are struggling with day-to-day necessities in light of the pandemic lockdown and lost jobs.
    We see how the big box stores and large corporations continue functioning while small businesses are closed and employees left to collect inadequate government handouts. Many small businesses cannot recover from months of lockdown and will simply close forever destroying the livelihoods of owners and employees alike.
  • The innovation: In many ways, examples are too numerous to mention as we see cosmetic companies switch manufacture from shampoo to hand sanitizers, and plastics companies begin to manufacture shields for retail outlets. Focus on local and regional business and economic recovery becomes critical to the bigger picture.
  • What can I do? Theories about how this crisis will be resolved and transformed are many. For us as practitioners, we must maintain a busy and effective practice as a primary method to protect these methods into the future.

The transformation in the societal crisis and the current unrest

  • The Challenges: We clearly see how racism, injustice and individualized isolation are impacting the lives of people everywhere.
  • The Dissent: We see where protests bring attention to the injustice, but then lead to further violence and unlawful activity.
    We see the criminalization of those who have sworn to protect us from criminal and violent activities, yet seek justification and justice for those who have broken away from lawful and peaceful activity.
  • What can I do?
    During this pivotal time in history, I encourage everyone – each and every one of you – to participate to the best of your spiritual, ethical and moral capacity to seek resolution and peace to the cries for justice and equality.
    As practitioners of biological and energy healing we are an integral part of the fabric of balance and symmetry not only for ourselves and our patients but also for our communities. Participate with and support an organization of your choice that has a focus on social justice, but preferably which is not linked with an external agenda or special (financial) interest. Although there are many such ethical organizations, my personal choice is KAIROS Canada at https://www.kairoscanada.org/

A few more quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
  • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
  • And, most importantly: “Where do we go from here? Chaos or community?”

The transformation in healthcare and the pandemic

  • The Challenges: We can clearly see how those who live in poverty without proper healthcare, those who are living in community (senior or long-term) care homes, and especially those who are already suffering with one or more serious illnesses are most at risk.
    As practitioners we have seen and experienced how we are forced to alter our practices and the way we are now “allowed” to interact with our patients. In some locations many complementary methods where the practitioner must actually touch the patient were considered “non-essential” and were forced to simply close. It did not matter that they then could not treat patients with other non-virus-related illnesses, or offer needed comfort and relief from pain – and thus denying our patients the basic but “alternative” healthcare they seek.
    We have seen extreme censorship of all information that is contrary to the WHO, CDC, mainstream media and big Pharma party line.
  • The Dissent: And yet, many people have seen that the severity of the pandemic has been grossly overplayed and have begun to question the reasons and agendas that left us locked in our homes with threats of mandatory vaccinations and travel immunity certificates before return to a “new normal”.
  • What can I do? – as a biological and energy healer?
    Here are the resources for our dissent and our innovation:

    • A commentary from GreenMed Info and Sayer Ji entitled Questioning COVID:
      We believe this crisis represents a world-changing opportunity to expose and transform antiquated ideologies that restrict health freedom. Germ theory is a scientifically bankrupt paradigm based in warfare models of pathogenic invasion. This theory has been leveraged as an instrument for geopolitical and social control – largely in the form of a vaccination agenda – to subdue the populace through coerced and forced bodily penetration and associated disability, mortality, and surveillance. As a result, conventional Western medicine functions as a sort of religion based on consensus assumptions and dogmatic medical monotheistic posturing. At its core, this approach is not salugenic or scientific and thus violates its stated ethical parameters around informed consent, beneficence, and an uncompromised evidence base.
      We believe that citizens should be free to exercise their natural right to practice medicine as they see fit – in retention both of bodily sovereignty and civil liberties. To that end, we orient ourselves around the foundational premises that the body is inherently wise, that symptoms are meaningful, and that radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honor our place in the natural world. Contact them at https://questioningcovid.com/
    • The Evolution of Medicine
      Ways to transition your practice to a virtual model, the concept of the power of community in your practice, the use of functional medicine and the evolution of medicine. Founder is James Maskell. Contact them at https://goevomed.com/
    • Medical Devices and Homeopathy:
      In many ways it’s too late to make a change here. The CODEX and Device Certification regulations are legally in place and being applied globally. Our energy and complementary methods are now outside the paradigm of orthodox medicine. As with all things we must adapt. Whether we rely on semantics or create an entirely separate paradigm for energy healing, is part of the adaptation and change that is necessary to protect these methods and bring them into the future for our patients.
      In regard to devices, many manufacturers and developers have changed their designations away from “medical” and now are focused on wellness and cosmetic applications. Their previous “medical” applications are still valid and functional, but sadly no longer claimed.
      In regard to homeopathy, there are ongoing challenges with the US FDA. In order to adapt, many have turned to digital remedy frequency software and applications. Get involved with this struggle by contacting:
      The National Center for Homeopathy at https://www.homeopathycenter.org/
    • Mandatory Vaccinations:
      There are a number of pro- and con- organizations. This must become an issue for which we offer information, support and treatment concerning “both sides”. We can offer our opinion – educated or otherwise – but must respect the choice of the patient or parent. It is our responsibility to assist and treat them regardless of their choice.
      There is much information available from WHO/CDC and so on regarding their proposed and existing vaccinations. On the other side of the issue are those labelled as “anti-vaxers” who oppose vaccination in all cases. I’ve discussed this in more depth in “My Thoughts” at http://praxis2practice.com/vaccinations-measles-and-choices/.
      Nevertheless, it is from those researchers and practitioners who are opposed to the current RNA vaccinations but still hope for alternate but effective vaccination protocols, that we can find more information on how to go forward [Note that much of this information is currently still censored]:
      Follow such names and websites as: Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judi Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and many others.
      The Truth About Cancer/Vaccinations from Ty and Char Bollinger at https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/
      GreenMed Info at https://www.greenmedinfo.com/
      Most individual websites and YouTube webinars labelled “anti-vax” have been censored.

The question now is how does all of this affect us as practitioners? And how are we expected to respond under such restrictions and highly charged situations? As I have clearly outlined in my previous virus articles, there are staggering amounts of natural, alternative and complementary treatment information available and much of it is still accessible. All this is a lot to take in, and even more to sort through and find that which will work in your practice with your patients.

I truly believe that as a people – a global race – we are at a crossroads that will be marked in history. Which pathways will be followed are still being determined and there are still many struggles that must be faced to ensure the most beneficial and positive outcome for all human beings. The global consequences and repercussions of the pandemic will impact all aspects of our lives. We will, however, need to be intentional about the directions we choose in moving forward. There is a lot to think about!

But what choices will we make? Will we participate in the process? Or, will we sit back and see what happens? I’ve heard far too many people say “I don’t want to go back to normal!” And we certainly do not want to go back to the persecution, censorship and restriction of complementary medicine of “normal-before-the-pandemic”. Let us think carefully. Is this our Kairos moment to ensure the inclusion of biological and energetic healing methods within the healthcare systems of the future?

What can we do and what part can we play? I’ve mentioned many of the above-mentioned resources and recommendations before, but they are worth repeating here again. Whichever aspect becomes your focus or interest, I urge you to “get with it”. Get involved and keep our methods visible. Speak up, talk about the methods and procedures used in your practice, and participate.

After all these rather “heavy” thoughts, I would like to close with a quote from one of my girly novels: [Her] eyes were soft. “I learned long ago, from my mother, that we measure people by character and kindness, not color or race or beliefs. She said that the earth is like a gigantic flower garden. We are the flowers. We come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and God loves us all.” She laughed. “That’s what I think, too.”
From “Protector”, by Diana Palmer

Stay well my friends,


(1) With grateful thanks to Keri Wehlander for her June 7, 2020 inspirational Reflection as well as her wisdom and personal guidance. Keri is the Pastoral Care Minister of Oasis United Church, Penticton BC Canada

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