FIT 915

Light: Scientific research results confirm the importance of correct light conditions

Healthy with light

The correct light at the right time; this leads to an outstanding potential of untilnow unused possibilities  in energetic  regeneration.  Discoveries  in  the  areas  of  photo-biology  and chrono-biology reveal new and easy to use technologies  within a wide ranging spectrum with effective application of light in a bio-energetic therapy.

Light: a phenomenon which has occupied human beings since ancient times. It is only now that we understand the enormity of the biological processes which are connected to this energy but which are still not fully understood. Only slowly is natural science recognizing how extremely important the interaction between biological processes in our bodies and the existence of the correct amount of light together with the correct spectrum range at the right time. In nature nearly all biological processes are synchronized by the light-dark phases of the natural sunlight.

White light, an important contributor to our health

Healthy and fit with correct light

Is it possible to be put into a good mood and feel fit by pressing a button? Most probably! Our mood and health are primarily controlled by hormones. These hormones  are mainly controlled by light which we absorb with our eyes. This knowledge  opens up untold new possibilities to positively influence the body. New technology is making this possible now.

Astonishing results based on the study of light are gaining more and more importance. The natural science branch involved in researching this field is called chronobiology. Practical understanding in this field teaches us about the significance of the correct light at the right time. Important hormones for our health and well being are  endorphins, dopamine  and serotonin which are controlled by light. Their existence is the immediate reaction to the absorption of natural light or light with equal physical properties. The intensity and the spectrum play an important role. A specially important part of the daylight spectrum is the large proportion of blue light (450-480 nm).

Red light regenerates and repairs holistically

Optimalwave length for holistic regeneration of all eye functions.

Scientific studies confirm that red light with a wave length of 630 nm offers maximum benefits for tissue regeneration. This wave length is also preferably used in photobiology to stimulate holistic body healing effects. Maximum depth penetration and optimal absorption guarantees the best possible treatment results, even in deeper skin tissue. This ensures that the eye itself and all linked supply systems are benefitting from the healing energy of the photons.

The brain needs the information provided by light to be able to cope with numerous tasks

The light absorbed by our eyes is used by the brain for various tasks. Only about 15% of the light which the eyes absorb is used for orientation purposes. The remaining 85% are used in various parts of the brain.Circulation, metabolism, blood pressure, hormones and a whole range of other important functions are directly or indirectly dependent on the light absorbed by the eyes.

Sunlight is variable and continually changes its brightness and color combination

Starting at sunrise and through to sunset the sunlight spectrum arriving on the earth’s surface is constantly changing. Since the beginning of time this dynamic light has nurtured all life on this

earth. All living organisms have adjusted to this natural biologic rhythm and accepted it as the pacemaker for their inner life rhythm. Accordingly the hormone production is  adjusted to the relevant time in the day because of the dynamic of light. Control of the complete hormonalbalance can be lost if this dynamic is missing (night work/shift work).

Artificiallight sources create biologically unfavorable light

Living areas and work places which are illuminated by artificial light sources induce a raft of

problems of the inner synchronization to the outside world. Important wave lengths are missing in this light and it has a permanent unnatural color combination and brightness.The light flickers with toxic frequencies and transfers by plasma discharges of mercury gas corresponding spectral information via the eyes to our brain. Over time this can have disastrous consequences for our health.

Modern Technology offers a solution

Due to new developments in producing light we now have light sources (LED) with extreme brightness and an idealspectrum at our disposal. With the modern high intensity LEOs it is now possible to produce light which is utilized by our organism like naturalsunlight. The development of the light unit FIT 915 fulfils all requirements which our organism needs from natural light.

The solution is the FIT 915

Intensive white radiation 9,000-
14,000 lux wavelength
400-700 nm
Intensive red light radiation 12,000
-20,000 mc (12,000-20,000 lux)
wavelength 630 nm

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