Effectiveness of Homeopathy

In recent Issues of The Townsend Letter for Doctors and a few of the German-language journals, there has once again been controversy about the effectiveness of homeopathy.

It is interesting in one sense to hear practitioners and the “scientists” argue that:

  • These are just dilutions and there is no substance (especially past Avogadro’s Number or 1023)
  • There is no scientific explanation of homeopathy
  • This is just placebo, and even placebo gets better results

And so on . . .

But they are only looking at the chemical or physical aspect of the method. It’s sort of akin to putting the pancake batter onto a hot griddle, and then serving it onto a plate without turning it over. Yes, it’s still a pancake but I’m not eating that half-cooked and only partially prepared food – that’s only part of the picture!

Those who consider homeopathy only through the physical understanding of chemistry, can only apply the remedies by rote protocol in what is comparable to an allopathic approach. It may work some of the time, but is at best a waste and at worst a useless misapplication.

By looking at homeopathy only from the standpoint of the physical or chemical definition, we are only seeing a small part of either the method or the application. To truly understand homeopathy, you need to combine the physical with a respect and an understanding of the use of energy medicine.

No well trained, educated or experienced homeopath has ever claimed that “like cures like” in a physical sense. During preparation of a homeopathic remedy, the act of succussion momentarily suspends the molecular energy in space/time – similar to that moment when you throw a ball up into the air and it is fleetingly suspended before it falls back to your hand thanks to gravity – and imprints the energy information of the remedy onto the water or liquid medium. This is not a physical imprint, but an energetical imprint. The medium will remember that suspended energetic information.

“Water is crystalline” – “water is a carrier of information” – “our bodies are made up of 70% water”, and so many other clichés that we readily accept. How can we not accept that the remedy information can be energetically imprinted onto the water or liquid medium?

When homeopathy is understood from an energetic perspective, we once again return to the concepts of balance and resonance. When the energetic information of the homeopathic remedy resonates with the energetic imbalance or dysfunction of the body, then the remedy will have a dramatic and positive affect.

With each patient we must address the energetic balance and resonance to treat the whole person. True balance comes through not only the physical body, but must include mind/emotional and spirit.

That’s an overall view and in some ways a simplistic view, but without that basic understanding of the energetic concept, the practitioner will not experience the successes with homeopathy that have been reported for generations.

This concept also gives us a better basic understanding of the modern use of software programs with digital representations of the remedy information. Imagine how the chemists will try to explain that one! But energy is measurable. Energy is expressed to humans through frequencies. Each remedy and each potency has a unique frequency and its own resonating harmonics. Those frequencies can and are being recorded digitally.

Examples of quality digital remedy software can be found through Med-Tronik, GmbH, BioKat Systeme GmbH, Staufen-BCV GmbH, MBA GmbH and a few others. See “My Recommendations” for further details.

With the demise of so many homeopathic companies after the implementation of the CODEX regulations, practitioners have lost the ability to obtain many except the most innocuous homeopathic remedies. Proper and accurate “recording” of the remedy frequencies may well offer future practitioners the only way to continue utilizing one of the most effective energetic diagnostic and therapeutic methods to have developed over the past 250 years.

I see this controversy about homeopathy as yet another cog in the negative cycle currently twisting through our history of biological and integrative medicine. It seems we have once again become too effective, and too popular internationally, and the powers that be are once again forcing a realignment of the financial monopoly that controls allopathic and pharmaceutical medicine.

To support homeopathy in North America, be sure to contact the National Center for Homeopathy and become a member today! https://www.homeopathycenter.org

The picture of homeopathic medications was taken from an article in NaturHeilPraxis, Volume 72, January 2019, Page 64 in an article entitled: “Classical and Cause-Oriented Homeopathy, a Brief Comparison.”

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