EAV Mini-Manual for Point and Medication Testing:

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new publication for those learning the EAV-type point and medication testing methods. What I have called the “EAV Mini-Manual” is a careful and precise compilation of the information that is used in the traditional EAV measurement approach using the distal (or Ting) points.

Then, to reflect the more modern approaches used for example by Dr. Simon Yu in his Acupuncture Meridian Assessment method, the same detailed information is organized for each Control Measurement Point (CMP) and a few of the Extra Points of Dr. Voll and Dr. Yu.

This Manual focuses on the location and measurement technique of each distal and control measurement point of EAV/AMA to aid in learning the physical point and medication testing technique. It will be listed on our “Publications” page of the P2P website shortly along with a more detailed description.

Price of the Manual is CDN $50 and US $40 plus shipping in PDF format on disc.

Paired with the previously published Medication Testing Report, beginners have an excellent resource for learning the points and how to test them.

Obtain both this report and the EAV Mini-Manual for CDN $65 or US $60 both in PDF format plus shipping.

Contact Carolyn through the P2P website or by email to order your advance copies today.

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