COVID-19, Parts 2 & 3

March 18, 2020

Last week Canada and the USA closed their borders to air travel from many countries, and with this morning’s news the border between Canada and the USA is now closed to all non-essential travel. People in both countries are encouraged to use social distancing and self-isolation as a method to slow and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, the far-reaching repercussions of the virus response are not from the disease itself, but rather primarily from social isolation and a media driven fear of severe illness and fatality. The economic and political repercussions will definitely be felt for a very long time.

Please join me and become a part of the resolution to this crisis. We can come through to the other side of this situation by relying on knowledge and compassion to overcome fear and to assist our families, staff, patients, friends and neighbors.

Let us get the knowledge and reassuring information about this virus out – especially to our patients:

First: Approximately 85% of people who catch this virus will suffer mild to moderate symptoms similar to a cold. All of them will recover given time (about two weeks) and immune system healing support.

Second: Those outside of that first group may develop more serious virus-related complications, among them reportedly pneumonia. Again, with this group immune system support will reduce the severity of the illness, help to shorten the length of the illness and promote recovery. In the clinical studies taking place in China, when hospitalized these patients benefitted strongly from high dose Vitamin C iv, etc. as outlined in my February post.

Third: Those individuals in the final ± 2% have developed serious virus related complications and should already be hospitalized. They may not recover. As sad and as frightening as this outcome is, it is similar to the annual cold-and-flu season and also to previous serious flu outbreaks (like “swine flu” in 2008). It seems to primarily affect individuals who are above the age of 60 years (mostly males), already suffer from serious or complicated additional disorders, and whose immune system is already seriously compromised. For these individuals, the Vitamin C iv, etc. protocols will alleviate and ease the symptoms.

Thus, the bottom line here is that the majority of people can and will recover from this virus. It is serious and it should not be ignored. But if we inform our patients, we can perhaps reduce the fear-factor which alone will greatly increase the prevention and recovery from the virus infection.

Advise your patients to follow the recommended protocols for prevention: don’t shake hands, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face (that’s a really tough one), self-isolation, minimizing interpersonal contact, effective social distancing, and so on. Then, recommend a procedure they can easily follow even with discount store otc products that include higher doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Echinacea (or a substitute).

When we work together, when we offer compassion and understanding, we can help more people and we can contribute to the resolution of the crisis instead of compounding the fear. Help me to reach out and to present calm and reassurance to all.

March 17, 2020

Due to the volatility of the COVID-19 crisis, I once again hesitate as I write this month’s blog post. Do we consider the terrifying conspiracies and fear that our countries and our society are imploding into apocalyptic times, or do we step back and approach all of this calmly and cautiously?

Should we become preppers, hoard as much TP as we can find and hide in the basement? Or, imitate some of the well-known names in this field and rake in a profit selling products that may or may not assist in this crisis? Or, should we stock up on Vitamin C, some herbal and homeopathic remedies and try to present calm and rational help to our family, staff, patients and neighbors? It’s all a matter of choices my friends.

Here’s the “rant” that I started last week after one medical guru became a millionaire overnight selling his products and magical formula. I’ve modified the article a bit so that I can still express my frustration with such inappropriate responses, notate the misleading information and fear-mongering, but yet compile the basic effective information you need for your patients.

March 12, 2020

Since my last informational blog post in February I’ve watched the unfolding media-driven fear-frenzy concerning COVID-19. It reminds me in many ways of the “chicken little” story that the sky is falling. The media carefully outlines how we shouldn’t panic, but that civilization as we know it is in jeopardy if we don’t wash our hands – mainly because orthodox medicine is unsuccessfully treating the symptoms. This waste of time, money and research while leaving the vulnerable demographic of our society at risk is to me unconscionable.

I’ve dutifully listened to the many experts, researchers and practitioners of our biological healing field as they have pontificated about their solutions and remedial treatments – but only if you purchase their products. Only Researcher A’s Vitamin C will work, or only Guru B’s herbal medicines in combination with allopathic remedies will work, and then there are only Dr. C’s specially made face masks that can protect you! I’ve even heard that several practitioners plan to close their practices “to protect themselves and their staff”! What? Who will take care of their patients?

Please be thoughtful and cautious. The frenzy and the conspiracies are not caused by the virus! Fear is being caused by a media storm that is misleading people and creating panic. And then there are those individuals who are playing on those fears to line their pockets and bank accounts.

We need to simply step back and re-think our approach; for ourselves, our staff, our families and our patients. Once again in this field of energy healing and “medicine”, we need to look at the overall picture and consider a natural or biological path toward healing for our patients. There is no point looking toward how orthodox medicine is scrambling once again for vaccines and allopathic anti-viral cocktails.

As energy healers it is also time to stop following the “party line” and return to being informed, caring, educated and discerning practitioners. Please don’t misunderstand me – this virus is real, it’s serious and we must be prepared to take the appropriate measures. Let us make decisions about those measures based on facts and experience, not on a personality’s latest attempt to be a hero and make a buck. I repeat again my often-stated mantra: “There is no single person, no single method and no single approach that will heal all of your patients all of the time”.

Please look back to my article from February 2020 at to see the approaches and research that can help to guide you. I stand by those approaches and comments. I highly recommend that you use resonance testing – be it ART, EAV, AMA, Vega, or even Kinesiology – to determine what remedies will help each patient. Additionally, everyone can benefit from Vitamins C and D. I have nothing to sell you and nothing to financially gain or lose in publication of this information. Rather, I can and do guide you to sources and resources that have been proven to work in this kind of situation.

Additional commentary and Conspiracies

The 5G Connection
One of the more recent conspiracy theories is that Wuhan in Hubei province China was the first to have 5G installation and this is the cause of the virus. – Well, no. – Think about it a bit more. There were apparently at least four other major cities in China including Shanghai where 5G has been heavily installed. Those cities have not suffered the severe and immediate COVID-19 outbreak as seen in Wuhan.
In reality, 5G is definitely not good for us regardless of the “scientific” claims that it will not harm our health. It certainly could have altered the autoimmune picture of people in the area, but it is not solely responsible nor the origin of the virus or it’s mutation. We do need to learn to protect ourselves from 5G (and all the other G’s), but that’s a discussion for another day.
The same claims being made about 5G for the outbreak in Washington state are also questionable. The outbreak was in a senior’s care home where the majority of the patients were elderly, many having various other illnesses and all likely immune compromised. The virus was apparently introduced to the facility by a care worker who had traveled abroad.
This is a “thumbs down”.

The Zombie Apocalypse
Really?! Are we back to the days of Y2K where entire countries will implode? How many rolls of toilet paper do we really need for a couple of weeks self-isolation for a respiratory disease? No matter the outcome politically and economically from the panic and fear mongering, there will be those who do not “catch” the virus and those who survive – regardless of their treatment. As practitioners, healers and physicians, it is our clear responsibility to be available to all patients and to offer rational, calm advice and assistance.
There is no doubt that the world as we know it will have changed once the curve of this virus infection dissipates, however the virus becomes only one aspect of the political and economic repercussions and is definitely not the cause.
This too, is a “thumbs down”.

Virus Viability
To date, claims of the virus lasting on surfaces for up to 28 days are unfounded and unconfirmed. This claim is a “thumbs down”.

Other sources advise the coronavirus will live on:

  • Stainless steel for 72 hours
  • Cardboard for 24 hours
  • Copper for 4 hours

Generally, viruses will live on:

  • Metal, plastic, glass for 4-5 days
  • Fabric is unknown

To clean these surfaces, clean with an all-purpose cleaner and then use 70% alcohol or a mild bleach solution for disinfectant.
This part is a “thumbs up”.

From Dr. Helmut Retzek:
In Dr. Retzek’s well known and respected Austrian newsletter ( in German), the treatment recommendations now also include allopathic prescription medications for blood pressure (Losartan) and malaria (chloroquine) to reduce virus-induced pulmonary injury for those in the ± 20% who develop serious complications like pneumonia.
This is definitely a “thumbs up” and these patients should be hospitalized or under orthodox physician care.

From Dr. Michael Galitzer:
“It is also the responsibility of the Media to inform people as to what they can take in order to strengthen their immune system. The net result will be less fear and panic. Here are my recommendations for better health in these times:
Vitamin D3 – 5,000 IU once a day with a meal
Vitamin C – 2,000 mg twice a day
Astragalus is an herb that stimulates the immune system – once a day
AHCC is a mushroom that stimulates the immune system – 1 twice a day
Zinc – 25 mg once a day
Echinacea – 1 capsule daily, or one cup of echinacea tea daily
You can and will stay healthy”
This is a “thumbs up”.

Today’s Conclusions:

From my perspective, the greatest repercussions linked with this virus are political and economic. They are driven simply by human nature and it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to foresee there are those who will seek financial gain, political power and economic control during this crisis. As energetic and frequency healers, we have options for dealing with this threat, as well as various approaches to help those who are important to us and who come to us for aid. Let us choose to be a part of the humanitarian response and the solutions.

Stay informed, stay home, enjoy nature, practice good hygiene, take care of yourself and your family, and look out for your neighbors. Working together, looking out for and protecting each other, we will get through this. Fear and panic are worse than COVID-19 viral infections.” Dr. Simon Yu (

For me personally, Mom Catharine (who turns 99 in a couple of weeks) and I have hunkered down. No, I don’t have any spare TP, sorry. I already work from home. We are prepared with Vitamins C and D, several homeopathic flu remedies and are in touch with our close friend who is an exceptional herbalist. And, I still have my MORA Nova. We will be okay. We are willing to be part of the phone trees for our church congregation and within our condo building to offer verbal contact and support.

I offer this information as a part of my contribution to assist as many as possible during these fear-filled days. On the other side of the coin during our self-imposed social-distancing, I have nearly finished a really interesting article from one of my German journals about Alzheimer disease showing a clear link to another well-known virus. I’ll keep busy and will be looking forward to the online conference with TFIM later next week and am still planning to travel to St. Louis for the next AMA seminar with Dr. Yu in April. More to follow . . .

Let’s Work Together