Chronos or Kairos?

Which have you chosen?

October 2020

Time rolls onward in a return to the state of Chronos as we continue through this p(l)andemic. Has that time of Kairos – that time of momentous change – missed us? For now the medical and political “authorities” seem all revved up with useless restrictions and regulations for the “deadly second wave” as all of us suffer from COVID overload – in the words of our so concise Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeauthis pandemic sucks”. Dealing with the overwhelming censorship and literal persecution of the field itself and of those who practice these alternative methods, leaves many practitioners quietly continuing their practice while trying not to attract negative attention.

But the voices of dissent are beginning to be heard, and I believe that there will be a groundswell of support and resurgence within the coming months. Let us all do our part, let us all participate wherever possible, and just as importantly let us all speak out!

Here are some of the links I followed over the past weeks:

Questioning all vaccines and “herd immunity”: or

“The Truth About Vaccines 2020”, 10-part docu-series (article with links): or

Note that the video of Dr. Judy Mikovits, Plandemic Part 1 seems to have been totally removed from the initial websites, and regularly disappears on others. Here is a current link that still appears to work – for today:

Doctors against COVID:

German legal action:

Global Alliance of Doctors
I urge every single one of you to watch this interview that was recorded during the now famous Berlin 10.10.2020 conference and protest rally Introduction to the amazing panel of experts involved can get involved with the now huge organization by visiting their website. See the interviews and hear about the progress that is being made to stop this situation.

And from Natural News and the Health Ranger, that brings us to the top 5 reasons to NEVER get a flu shot – see the full article at the link below:
#1. Flu shots lower your immunity to other viruses, including Covid-19.
#2. Flu shots increase risk of catching the flu the following flu season.
#3. Multi-dose flu shots are loaded with brain-damaging mercury.
#4. No flu shot has ever been proven safe or effective in clinical trials.
#5. The flu shot is “free” because it causes so many other expensive ailments.

Many of you are aware of my opinions and thoughts about this virus situation. As elections are held in many parts of the world, it is interesting to watch how current politicians are being re-elected with record low voter turnouts. Perhaps a matter of keeping the “devil we know” as opposed to risking illness by leaving our home to vote and bringing in new authorities whose policies are unknown and untested. Along with everyone I will be watching the US elections next week.

I leave you for this month with a link to an article about the use of Mesotherapy applications for micro-vaccinations for the prevention of respiratory viruses in children. Interesting possibilities. Please follow this link to Micro-Vaccinations for the article entitled “The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.!” by Britta Knoll, MD.


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