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Medicine Week 2019, Part 2

Medicine Week 2019 Impressions, Part 2 Considerations and Resolutions for New Global 2020 Medical Device Regulations One of my strongest interests this year, was to determine where the complementary “medical” device industry was headed. As you know

Medicine Week 2019, Part 1

Medicine Week 2019 Impressions, Part 1 A Report on the 53rd Medicine Week Congress, Baden-Baden Germany 2019 In the few weeks that have passed since the closing of this venerable annual Congress, I’ve managed to recoup, regroup

Wellness Device Announcement

Brief Announcement Regarding Medical Electronics Among the most progressive companies with whom I was able to hold discussions, was Mr. Dieter Jossner and Medical Electronics. This 40+ year old company has consistently provided us with the highest

Super Learning Applications

Super Learning Applications! Comments in a recent email from D.S., Illinois USA I thought to briefly report back in after a couple weeks or so with the "toys." My phone call with Dieter was enjoyable. Regarding the

Vaccinations, Measles and Choices

Vaccinations, Measles and Choices I’ve watched with interest – and a dose of horror – as the vaccination controversy has once again exploded in our province of British Columbia, Canada. As of this morning there are 15

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 2

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 2 Simon Yu, MD spoke during the Cancer Congress at Med-Week during the ½ day English sessions. His new presentation was excellent and was – as far as I could see – very

Discussions About BioResonance Today

Discussions About BioResonance Today Today, we are seeing a very broad usage and application of the term BioResonance. And I can understand that when we think in terms of Resonance itself. It is through an understanding and

Effectiveness of Homeopathy

Effectiveness of Homeopathy In recent Issues of The Townsend Letter for Doctors and a few of the German-language journals, there has once again been controversy about the effectiveness of homeopathy. It is interesting in one sense to

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 1

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 1 This year I was privileged to participate in the recent Medicine Week Congress (Nov. 2018) in Baden-Baden, Germany without the responsibility of organizing and hosting a guided tour program. Although I missed


History in North Carolina: During the recent AMA workshop with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis Missouri, I was honored and privileged to meet Dr. John Wilson from North Carolina. Dr. Wilson was a strong advocate and fearless

FIT 915 Photobiological Goggles!

Reminder FIT 915 Photobiological Goggles Available: Praxis2Practice is able to act as a liaison with Medical Electronics and Mr. Dieter Jossner for patients, clients and docs to obtain the wildly popular FIT 915 (photobiological eye goggles) and the