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Office Notice October 2018

Office Notice October 2018 Notice: Just a brief announcement that I (Carolyn) will be away from my desk from the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 11 through Monday, Oct. 14, 2018. Mom Catharine and I will be traveling to attend a family funeral. Note that I will be attending the Baden-Baden Medicine Week Congress this year – sans

New Publication Being Prepared

New Publication Being Prepared The new Mini-EAV Manual which complements the already published Point and Medication Testing Report, will be available shortly through the Praxis2Practice website. This Mini-Manual was designed to assist teaching during the recent Acupuncture Meridian Assessment seminar featuring Dr. Simon Yu. The manual focuses on the location and measurement technique for each distal and

Email Lists

Email Lists Of the many once-and-done closure chores completed for the old Occidental Institute, a very big project has been to transfer all the OIRF email lists to Praxis2Practice. I moved everyone over to P2P and then I have been deleting and adding and repairing and, in many cases, also re-keying all of the names and email

Point and Medication Testing Training

Point and Medication Testing Training AMA (EAV) hands-on workshop for MD’s during August 24-26, 2018 sponsored by Dr. Simon Yu of Prevention and Healing in St. Louis, Missouri. Note that this AMA training and boot camp session has recently been opened to practitioners with alternate certification. It focuses on EAV-type testing for parasites and dental problems. I

Welcome to the NEW P2P

Welcome to the NEW P2P It has now been several weeks since the doors of Occidental Institute Research Foundation made that final closing “kathunk” and freed me from all its business and corporate obligations and responsibilities. Although they tell me I’m supposed to be “retired” I haven’t been idle. It does however take time and some thoughtful

FIT 915

FIT 915 Light: Scientific research results confirm the importance of correct light conditions Healthy with light The correct light at the right time; this leads to an outstanding potential of untilnow unused possibilities  in energetic  regeneration.  Discoveries  in  the  areas  of  photo-biology  and chrono-biology reveal new and easy to use technologies  within a wide ranging spectrum with