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Turning Points

Turning Points November 2020 Again this month, we continue to wait for the unfolding drama of the US election to resolve. Uncertainty is the overwhelming sensation as we are all plagued with questions. Political and economic factors

Has the Turning Point Arrived?

Has the Political and Social Turning Point Arrived? Corona Changes the World Has the Political and Social Turning Point Arrived? Corona Changes the World, by Bodo Köhler, MD: By now questions are raised about the sense. Reality

Chronos or Kairos?

Chronos or Kairos? Which have you chosen? October 2020 Time rolls onward in a return to the state of Chronos as we continue through this p(l)andemic. Has that time of Kairos – that time of momentous change

The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.!

The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.! Micro-Vaccinations for the Prevention of Respiratory Infections in Children Even if respiratory infections regularly occur in children and are mostly self-limiting, they can become a burden for the affected children


Questions September, 2020 As summer fades and fall brings changing colors and rainy days, I have wondered how long we, as a people, will continue to relinquish our freedom and grant authority to unelected health authorities under

State Media

Takeover of the State Media Corona Makes It Possible - Takeover of the State Media September 2020 The COVID-19 virus has not only infected people, but also democracy: Our fundamental rights were taken from us, freedom of speech


Pathways Pathways August 2020 By Carolyn Winsor The flood of information regarding the virus situation continues non-stop, and it frequently becomes a struggle to step back from the day-to-day detail or to perceive the broader global picture.

The Virus of Freedom’s Oblivion

The Virus of Freedom's Oblivion August 2020 The Virus of Freedom's Oblivion, Where Does the Corona Crisis Lead Us? by Roland Rottenfußer “It looks like an apple with thorns on it. In truth however, the Corona Virus

Vaccinations Against COVID-19

Vaccinations Against COVID-19 August 2020 Vaccinations Against COVID-19, Considerations of Different Immunization Procedures, by Johannes Ebbers, MD: Is Vaccination the rescue? Discussion of the different methods for the induction of the correct immune response. Will the theoretical

Integrative Medicine

On the Way to Integrative Medicine July 2020 On the Way to Integrative Medicine; The Role of Natural Medicine in Connection with the Weak Points of Orthodox Medicine, by Dr.rer.pol. Gerhard Honeck: The head of a natural

New Normal

Is This the "New Normal"? Is This the “New Normal”? Must we accept? Must we adjust? Should we – or are we allowed to – question the restrictions? It is obvious that we are universally being manipulated

Germany in Corona Fever

Germany in Corona Fever June 2020 Germany in Corona Fever; Strengthen the Body’s Defenses Physically and Psychologically Spring and sunshine invite us to plunge into life again after winter. However, fear of the virus and the official measures

Disturbance Fields and Foci

Disturbance Fields and Foci; And Other Causes of Chronic Complaints June 2020 Disturbance Fields and Foci; And Other Causes of Chronic Complaints An exact anamnesis of the chronological references, and knowledge of the phenomena connected with the

News from the Virus Quagmire

News from the Virus Quagmire June 2020 News from the Virus Quagmire, An Editorial You can no longer avoid the topic; it controls the world. Every day in Africa countless children still starve, desperate refugees stand at