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COVID-19 [Novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV] As of today 17 February 2020, the number of recorded cases of this virus has exceeded 71,000 and the number of deaths beyond 1,700 (a little over 2%). As so many resources are

A Time of Consideration

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" A Time of Consideration A4M Anti-Aging or Complementary & Energy Medicine Medical vs Wellness or Physical/Chemical vs Energy Can We Use Energetic Assessments to Guide Therapy and Move Toward “Wellness”? I have taken some

Medicine Week 2019, Part 2

Medicine Week 2019 Impressions, Part 2 Considerations and Resolutions for New Global 2020 Medical Device Regulations One of my strongest interests this year, was to determine where the complementary “medical” device industry was headed. As you know