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Germany in Corona Fever

Germany in Corona Fever Germany in Corona Fever, by Ruediger Dahlke, MD: Spring and sunshine invite us to plunge into life again after winter. However, fear of the virus and the official measures do not make it


Kairos As we move through the sixth month of this momentous year 2020, the changes within the spiritual, climate, economic, societal and healthcare aspects of our countries have become more focused while at the same time more

VIRUS 2019, Part 4

VIRUS 2019, Part 4, April 2020 Today I have been going through all the notes, conversations and research that have been accumulating on my virtual and real desks since my Part 2-3 blog post in March. I

VIRUS 2019, Parts 2 & 3

COVID-19, Parts 2 & 3 March 18, 2020 Last week Canada and the USA closed their borders to air travel from many countries, and with this morning’s news the border between Canada and the USA is now

VIRUS 2019

COVID-19 [Novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV] As of today 17 February 2020, the number of recorded cases of this virus has exceeded 71,000 and the number of deaths beyond 1,700 (a little over 2%). As so many resources are

A Time of Consideration

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" A Time of Consideration A4M Anti-Aging or Complementary & Energy Medicine Medical vs Wellness or Physical/Chemical vs Energy Can We Use Energetic Assessments to Guide Therapy and Move Toward “Wellness”? I have taken some

Medicine Week 2019, Part 2

Medicine Week 2019 Impressions, Part 2 Considerations and Resolutions for New Global 2020 Medical Device Regulations One of my strongest interests this year, was to determine where the complementary “medical” device industry was headed. As you know

Medicine Week 2019, Part 1

Medicine Week 2019 Impressions, Part 1 A Report on the 53rd Medicine Week Congress, Baden-Baden Germany 2019 In the few weeks that have passed since the closing of this venerable annual Congress, I’ve managed to recoup, regroup

Wellness Device Announcement

Brief Announcement Regarding Medical Electronics Among the most progressive companies with whom I was able to hold discussions, was Mr. Dieter Jossner and Medical Electronics. This 40+ year old company has consistently provided us with the highest

Super Learning Applications

Super Learning Applications! Comments in a recent email from D.S., Illinois USA I thought to briefly report back in after a couple weeks or so with the "toys." My phone call with Dieter was enjoyable. Regarding the

Vaccinations, Measles and Choices

Vaccinations, Measles and Choices I’ve watched with interest – and a dose of horror – as the vaccination controversy has once again exploded in our province of British Columbia, Canada. As of this morning there are 15

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 2

Med-Week 2018 Observations, Part 2 Simon Yu, MD spoke during the Cancer Congress at Med-Week during the ½ day English sessions. His new presentation was excellent and was – as far as I could see – very