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Effectiveness of Homeopathy

Effectiveness of Homeopathy In recent Issues of The Townsend Letter for Doctors and a few of the German-language journals, there has once again been controversy about the effectiveness of homeopathy. It is interesting in one sense to


History in North Carolina: During the recent AMA workshop with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis Missouri, I was honored and privileged to meet Dr. John Wilson from North Carolina. Dr. Wilson was a strong advocate and fearless

EAV Mini-Manual Now Available

EAV Mini-Manual for Point and Medication Testing: I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new publication for those learning the EAV-type point and medication testing methods. What I have called the “EAV Mini-Manual” is a careful

Medicine Week 2018

Medicine Week 2018: Yes, I am back at my desk after an amazing trip to Baden-Baden, Germany to participate in the 52nd Medicine Week Congress. After attending at least 35 of the past Med-Week Congresses, there was no

New Publication Being Prepared

New Publication Being Prepared The new Mini-EAV Manual which complements the already published Point and Medication Testing Report, will be available shortly through the Praxis2Practice website. This Mini-Manual was designed to assist teaching during the recent Acupuncture

Email Lists

Email Lists Of the many once-and-done closure chores completed for the old Occidental Institute, a very big project has been to transfer all the OIRF email lists to Praxis2Practice. I moved everyone over to P2P and then

Welcome to the NEW P2P

Welcome to the NEW P2P It has now been several weeks since the doors of Occidental Institute Research Foundation made that final closing “kathunk” and freed me from all its business and corporate obligations and responsibilities. Although