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Moving On!

Moving On In Spite of Viral Infections and Pandemics February 2021 It is time to move on and to move forward. In spite of the ongoing SAR-CoV-2 and various other virus situations, we must look to the overall health needs of our many other patients and yet still be prepared to help

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Preventing Viral Infections

Preventing Viral Infections “Preventing Viral Infections” by Claudia Vollbracht: “Besides psychosocial factors, the effectiveness of our infection defense depends particularly on an optimal supply of micronutrients. In times of increased infection risk supplementation with Vitamins C and D, zinc, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen our resistance to infections”. Read more

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Options? January 2021 Yes, it has been awhile since I sat at my keyboard and attempted to put my questioning and often contrary thoughts into an understandable perspective. The months since the USA election last November have truly been chaotic, confusing and frustrating. But why am I wading into that morass of


Masters of Camouflage

Viruses - Masters of Camouflage Natural Healing Strategies for Prevention The extract of Cistus x incanus L. Pandalis makes it impossible for viruses to force an entry into host cells and to multiply. This reduces the virus load and gives the adaptive immune system the time to learn a specific immune answer

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Homeopathic Treatment of Epidemics

Homeopathic Treatment of Epidemics and COVID-19 December 2020 What do Richard Wagner, Prince Charles and the court chaplain of St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna) Father Johann Emmanuel Veith have in Common? They were all affected by historical epidemics and they were treated for it homeopathically. This article deals with the use of homeopathic

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Turning Points

Turning Points November 2020 Again this month, we continue to wait for the unfolding drama of the US election to resolve. Uncertainty is the overwhelming sensation as we are all plagued with questions. Political and economic factors will only be resolved as it is made clear which one of the two men

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Has the Turning Point Arrived?

Has the Political and Social Turning Point Arrived? Corona Changes the World Has the Political and Social Turning Point Arrived? Corona Changes the World, by Bodo Köhler, MD: By now questions are raised about the sense. Reality without sense does not exist, because every event obeys spiritual laws and thus consciousness. Whoever

Has the Turning Point Arrived?2020-11-23T11:41:20-08:00

Chronos or Kairos?

Chronos or Kairos? Which have you chosen? October 2020 Time rolls onward in a return to the state of Chronos as we continue through this p(l)andemic. Has that time of Kairos – that time of momentous change – missed us? For now the medical and political “authorities” seem all revved up with

Chronos or Kairos?2020-10-28T13:24:01-08:00

The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.!

The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.! Micro-Vaccinations for the Prevention of Respiratory Infections in Children Even if respiratory infections regularly occur in children and are mostly self-limiting, they can become a burden for the affected children as well as for their social sphere by their frequency and not uncommon complications. Remedial

The End of Coughs, Colds and Co.!2020-10-28T13:10:58-08:00


Questions September, 2020 As summer fades and fall brings changing colors and rainy days, I have wondered how long we, as a people, will continue to relinquish our freedom and grant authority to unelected health authorities under the pretense of safety and protection. Along with almost everyone, I have resigned myself to