” . . . and a rose in the winter time.”

We can offer thanks to many men and women for inspiration and understanding as we continue to learn and utilize energy and Biological Medicine.

Albert Einstein taught us through E = mc2 that all things in life emit vibrational frequencies and that all things are simply energy in different vibrational forms. Basically, this means every cell that makes up you is energy.”

Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp taught us the explanation that photons, light particles, are the fundamental communication carrier of the cells within our bodies. Light travels, moves and embodies energy.

Based on the ancient philosophies of acupuncture and the flow of chi, Dr. Reinhold Voll taught us one of the early methods of assessing that flow of information and energy in a more modern technical way. It is all linked and all energy.

And then remembering the ancient acupuncturists, those like Dr. Franz Morell and Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig taught us to recognize that by balancing the energy flows we can offer healing – that amazing state of resonance.

This history, this development, was brought home to me again during this Holiday Season as my faith community moved through a discussion of angels. It is said that those who have seen or heard an angel also smell the fragrance of a rose. The rose holds a strong place in the Christian faith and appears in several forms.

As a flower, the rose – especially the red rose – stands for love. But it also stands for balance, promise and hope. No wonder it’s a flower of romance and weddings. One of many benefits of rose essential oils is as an aphrodisiac.

Originally presented within the writings of Hahnemann we have “Hahnemann’s Heavenly Rose: the need to include a spiritual perspective in the overall practice of Homeopathy.”

And in 1862, Boenninghausen wrote: the rationale for the intercurrent use of the Rose is that Rosa spp. spiritually represents the soul’s love-energy. Meher Baba said, “Feelings and emotions are the energy of the mind, and love the energy of the soul”

It is also said that the frequency of the rose is 320 MHz – very high. During our discussions it was conjectured that when angels come into our realm, the frequency that resonates most closely with them – which brings them into balance here – is that 320 MHz of the rose, and thus it is the fragrance most will recognize in their presence.

Resonance and balance. A resonance that connects the physical, the spiritual and the emotional. May the angels be with each and every one of you! Unashamedly,

Merry Christmas everyone!

The opening words are from “Come sing a song with me” by Carolyn McDade and my “ah hah” moments of inspiration from Rev. Ken Jones, Oasis United Church.

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