“Turn! Turn! Turn!” A Time of Consideration

A4M Anti-Aging or Complementary & Energy Medicine

Medical vs Wellness or Physical/Chemical vs Energy

Can We Use Energetic Assessments to Guide Therapy and Move Toward “Wellness”?

I have taken some time after returning from the A4M Conference in Las Vegas, NV during December 2019 and over the recent holiday period for a great deal of personal introspection. My mind has been spinning with the input of exceptional information and the considerations of the consequences of the ever-encroaching regulative restrictions. Like the contradictions within the “Turn! Turn! Turn!” song, the cycle of change is turning again. I’ve seen these cycles before and it behooves us to consider the lessons of the past before we make our plans for the future.

Turn! Turn! Turn! *
“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven”

Occidental Institute began its planning in 1969 and finally opened its doors to a shiny office, warehouse and printing facility in July of 1972. Our basic acupuncture course had only been half researched and written, and we were looking for ways to spread-the-word around the time that then President Richard Nixon visited China with his entourage. When his press secretary, James Reston suffered an acute appendicitis attack, his surgery was performed entirely under acupuncture anesthesia, and acupuncture exploded in North America. Occidental Institute went from a small mom-and-pop study group for acupuncture selling home study courses, books and supplies, to over 6,000 students in less than 6 months. It took less than two years for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to instigate charges accusing us of being an “illegal medical school” while they had not yet determined that acupuncture was actually the practice of medicine. Were they “protecting the public” or, with 6,000+ students, were we simply a threat?

It’s a cycle of acceptance and restriction – over-and-over-and-over-again – that has affected OIRF and many complementary practitioners for decades. I remember many of the early Germany Tour programs where participants came with two suitcases (one with usual stuff and one empty) and bank drafts. Devices were ordered, paid and picked up and then carried home in the previously empty suitcase. Shipping and delivery into the US and Canada were touchy at best. Devices were often confiscated in “raids” on practitioner offices. Later, everything eased, we could import with minimal semantics and methods like classical BioResonance, BioPhoton, Laser and so many other therapies began to be utilized in many complementary practices. Now as we approach the March 2020 medical device regulation deadline, we are once again entering a period of restriction.

These cycles have virtually become a predictable event. As practitioners of Biological and Complementary Medicine, when we reach the point that we threaten the financial – and most importantly the effectiveness – of “big pharma” we must be prepared to deal with the backlash.

To be totally honest, preparation for this mid-January article and commentary has been a struggle. Should I go for two or three separate commentaries? But the topics are all so interrelated how could I separate them? How could I present the information and not sound like the proverbial “chicken little”?

Additionally, as I have participated in preparations and cooperation for the slowly re-emerging Occidental Institute, it has been an important part of my role to provide the other Directors not just with the historical background and purpose of OIRF, but also to caution and guide them going into the coming restrictive times. I am thrilled that I will play an active and leading role in the phoenix-like emergence of OIRF 2020. But how does this affect you? And then again with this article in mind, how can I reassure you of the progress and development within this field of Biological Medicine. So many questions . . .

A4M Anti-Aging or Complementary & Energy Medicine

Of all the lectures and exhibits and information available during this December 2019 conference, there were two lectures that – for me – made the whole thing worthwhile. Both lectures were presented back-to-back early Saturday morning (in Vegas – man, that was hard!).

First, we heard from Thierry Hertoghe, MD from Belgium. Dr. Hertoghe is the fourth-generation from a family of physicians working with hormone (BHRT) and nutritional therapies. He lectures internationally (and excellently) in French, German and English and I have been more than impressed with his research and information in the several times I have heard him speak. Sponsored this time by University Compounding Pharmacy, he presented several lectures at this conference, most notably the one titled: “The Psychological Attitude of Centenarians”. Amazing information, well documented and (as he indirectly described my own mother) one of the most encouraging lectures of the conference. To quote briefly:

The Goals of his lecture:

  1. To teach physicians which psychological attitudes may help their patients to live longer
  2. To teach physicians by examples out of the life of centenarians how better and healthier life may be for them and their patients when through mind switches people behave differently and take their destination into their hands
  3. To show scientific studies that back up the information

Psychological features of centenarians:

  1. The will to live: the courage to grow old
  2. Adaptability
  3. Sense of Purpose
  4. Remain active
  5. Positive affect
  6. Better attitudes to stress – Avoid stress and anxiety
  7. Self-determination
  8. Promote social contacts, love and relationships, close family life
  9. Religious faith (no matter which one)
  10. Spirituality and legacy of basic values and beliefs
  11. Feeling of freedom
  12. Feeling of youth
  13. Centenarian spirit, feeling of being old . . . or young

These are only tidbits, and he proceeded through each point with pictures of amazing 100+ year old people, studies and personal experience. Truly here we can see an anti-aging formula in the definition of A4M!

Dr. Hertoghe has authored many books, and I encourage all of you to take a look: https://www.hertoghe.eu/en/press-publications/dr-hertoghes-books/

And then before moving into the next lecture, we took a necessary break to stretch and move around and greet our “neighbors”. We were introduced to Ken Dychtwald, PhD, California USA. Dr. Dychtwald is a psychologist and gerontologist, and the author of 16 books (and counting? – available on Amazon). This lecture was titled: “How the Age Wave Will Transform Health, Longevity and Medicine”. Again, in brief, here are a few of the gems from this presentation for your thought and consideration.

  • Otto von Bismarck created the first pension plan in Europe in the 1880’s and selected 65 as the marker of old age.
  • Life expectancy at birth:
    Year 1,000 = 25
    Year 1,200 = 30
    Year 1,400 = 35
    Year 1,600 = 36
    Year 1,800 = 38
    Year 1,900 = 47
    Year 2,010 = 79!
  • The US Baby Boom is shown at 1946 –> 1964 with over 76 million births
  • “Demography is Destiny”
  • The prevalence of chronic conditions means that we need to
  • “Match Health Span and Brain Span to Life Span”

He stated that our greatest crisis as the baby boomer demographic reaches “old age” is to find a positive response to the scourge of Alzheimer/Dementia. Dr. Dychtwald’s statistics show:
“50+ consumers make up 35% of the population and buy:

  • 50% of food and groceries
  • 52% of personal care products
  • 55% of travel spending
  • 55% of physical therapy sessions
  • 57% of health club memberships
  • 63% of lab tests
  • 68% of OTC drugs
  • 74% of vitamins
  • 77% of prescription drugs

Are you prepared? Is your practice prepared to deal with this kind of demographic influx? Those early boomers born in 1946 are now 73-74 years old. Personally, being at that leading edge of the demographic while heading into at least a three-year promise to participate in the re-emergence of OIRF, this lecture brought home several points that cannot be ignored.

The boomers are not just dying off as “useless old people”. Many of us are still working professionally and plan to continue doing so for some time into the future. Many of us are not only living longer than any previous demographic, but we are demanding health, wellness, prevention, and natural healing methods when we are ill. Then, because we – as a demographic – control the majority of the wealth (and well-paying jobs), the younger generations X and Y and Millennial are stuck waiting for advancement and more financial security.

Those in this demographic who are ill, or suffering chronic illnesses, are seeking more natural approaches and demanding assistance to remain healthy and active well into what was once considered as “old age”. I still believe our greatest challenge is to find the positive and respectful methods which will overcome the Alzheimer/dementia “epidemic” that is approaching.

But all this only leads back to my original contradiction in the turning cycle. Anti-Aging strategies we see at A4M – OR – Complementary and Energy Medicine. Wouldn’t we be better calling all of this “well aging” instead of “anti-aging”?

I was constantly reminded that the A4M organization is primarily geared to orthodox physicians, – but oh well, there are some interested alternative practitioners too – and is very commercially oriented. The exhibits ranged from liposuction devices and “heavy” lasers all the way to BHRT and homeopathy (the highly recommended Boiron firm). There were the usual “global diagnostic” devices based on statistics instead of individual assessment along with the commercial sales of one so-called EDS device. Clearly this A4M approach to “Anti-Aging” doesn’t equal our concept of complementary and/or energy medicine – yet.

“Medical” vs Wellness or Physical/Chemical vs Energy

As the ever more restrictive regulations regarding use of the word “medical” continue to play out I’m reminded of some of the more recent history of regulatory moves by the powers that be. It is only a matter of 4 or 5 years since the passing of the CODEX that was touted as being a way to standardize and control the production, quality and use of homeopathic remedies. I think the key word there was “control”, but . . . The result has been catastrophic in the homeopathic industry – an industry and a method that has been in successful and effective use for 250 years. Briefly, Staufen Pharma, the foremost manufacturer of nosodes and a huge company that employed hundreds of employees is simply out-of-business. Gone! Another manufacturer of nosodes, Heel, was bought out by a large conglomerate that I believe also owns CIBA-Geigy and now only produces cosmetic-type and minor OTC remedies. And Wala, famous for its organ preparations is now simply Weleda manufacturing cosmetic products such as Ayurvedic toothpaste. Now even in the US the FDA is attempting to curtail and destroy homeopathy further in that country.

And all this in the name of “medical” – in the name of physical and chemical considerations. However, without consideration of the “wellness” and energetical aspects of each individual, there can be no true resolution to their ill health problems.

To remain aware of and responsive to the energetical portion of our health or illness, we must tap into that energetical information for an assessment and understanding of the individual, and then plan a therapeutic approach that works with all aspects of the individual from physical and chemical through to the energetic and spiritual. It is all well and good to say that BHRT is far superior to artificial HRT (which is often a leading factor in various forms of cancer including breast cancer), but if the dosages, application and length of therapy are not assessed on an individual basis, are we really helping our patients? Obediently following the “recommended dosage” of BHRT application is simply an orthodox medical approach using a more natural product, without respect to the individual’s energetic household.

Remembering that alternative and complementary approaches represent a trillion-dollar-a-year industry in the US alone, again, I ask are these regulations meant to “protect the public” or, are we simply a threat?

Can We Use Energetic Assessments to Guide Therapy and Move Toward “Wellness”?

“Turn! Turn! Turn!” Perhaps this is our “time to build up, and a time to break down”.

How do we move away from all this negativity and inability to truly become an accepted and complementary “medicine”? Perhaps we need to think about “breaking down” and moving away from this approach of demanding to be accepted within the scope of orthodox medicine which has only brought negativity, destruction, repression and disrespect. Based on the 5,000-year-old empirical knowledge of Acupuncture and Ayurveda and herbs and . . . over the past 50-60 years there has been an explosion of development and application utilizing modern electronic and computer technology. Many of these legitimate and highly effective methods are in danger today.

The computer era and instant communications have changed our world, and our Biological and Energy “Medicine” must also change – or be lost again into obsolescence. If we can take advantage of the “aging” baby boomer demographic and their desire for prevention and wellness during their senior years, and if we can utilize this amazing technology to fulfill that desire, we can most certainly fulfil our own personal promises to help to our patients.

If we pull back from the “medical diagnosis” either given to the patient or determined with our own toolbox of methods, it is again a matter of semantics to utilize the various point and medication testing methods to confirm or alter the assessment of the energetic household of the patients. We cannot always and only treat on the physical/chemical level. Instead we must turn to orthodox medicine for that. But if orthodox medicine cannot or will not incorporate the energetic methods, then we must follow up and assist our patients to achieve “wellness” separately.

One of the primary possibilities for this, is the point and medication testing methods. I don’t care if you’re using “real” EAV, AMA, EDS, BFsD, VEGA, or just doing quick Vega-style remedy checks. Point and medication testing allows us access to the energetic information of the patient. It doesn’t mean that we won’t also be looking at gender, age, blood type, lab values and so on. But point testing becomes yet another tool in your armamentarium and a way to confirm your other findings. We don’t diagnose, we simply add another energetic pathway to understanding. Like an ECG, we simply test the electrical resistance at specific points on the body.

With this approach you can check remedies (allopathic or natural) for dosage and tolerance. You can confirm whether or not the patient is complying with your instructions. You can determine if your chosen therapy methods (whether energetic or orthodox) are actually working!? Quite frankly, the use of energetic assessment of this nature allows more specific and accurate therapies and prescriptions – even of allopathic medications.

Are you already using some form of point and medication testing? Congratulations and welcome to the future. You’re not testing yet? Well, there are lots of OIRF materials, lectures, articles, videos and resources to get you started. But I believe if you are going to continue using Biological Medicine in your practice, we need to include this testing method and look at inventive new ways forward to achieve wellness.

And the Future?

There are many approaches to Biological and Energy Medicine. Some represent decades of research, development and empirical knowledge. Others are fledgling ideals that may finally give us the links and background knowledge to understand the functional mechanisms of the methods where we now only know that “they work!”. Others are simply commercial attempts to cash in on this monstrous market of natural healing and wellness. I personally, along with the slowly re-emerging OIRF, will be creating alliances with organizations, companies and individuals who offer quality products and information. At the same time, it will be our goal to save these amazing energetic methods from oblivion as well as to protect our supporters. I hope you will join with me on this great adventure.

Following is the link to my new article translation. During the holidays I managed to go through the many German and English journals that had piled up during recent months while I was traveling for conferences. In the October issue of CO’Med I was so surprised and pleased to find a great article written by Dr. Heinrich Rossmann. We first met Dr. Rossman when our Germany Tour Group #14 (Oct. 1990) visited his family practice in Munich, Germany. I still correspond with him occasionally and feel honored to be able to bring his message to you. Although phrased as A Plea for Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll; The Music of the Dandelion , I prefer to consider this as an inspiration guiding us into the future.


* Turn! Is a song adapted entirely from the first eight verses of the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Christian Bible (written by King Solomon in 970 BCE). It was put to music by Pete Seeger in 1959. The song became an international #1 hit in December 1965 when it was adapted by the American folk-rock group, the Byrds. [I know. I didn’t date myself at all there, did I? CLW]

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