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Carolyn has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English speaking countries, in the most effective German diagnostic and therapeutic methods as the CEO and Managing Director of the Occidental Institute research foundation.

Occidental Institute was an international nonprofit society for practitioners of biological medicine. From 1972 to 2018 the Institute itself had been in continuous operation and specialized in German biological medicine.  Far ahead of the United States and Canada from the standpoint of its acceptance, utilization, established remedies, and superior instrumentation.

As a non-profit research organization, OIRF’s mandate was to educate, inform and to make instrumentation recommendations based on years of research.  .

After 46 years of continuous support to OIRF, in 2018 Carolyn decided to retire and focus on herself, her writings and her lectures.  Below you will find Carolyn’s upcoming lecture schedule, her most recent writings and a contact form should you wish to reach out to her.

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EAV Mini-Manual Now Available

EAV Mini-Manual for Point and Medication Testing: I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new publication for those learning the EAV-type point and medication testing methods. What I have called the “EAV Mini-Manual” is a careful and precise compilation of the information that is used in the traditional EAV measurement approach using the distal (or Ting)

Medicine Week 2018

Medicine Week 2018: Yes, I am back at my desk after an amazing trip to Baden-Baden, Germany to participate in the 52nd Medicine Week Congress. After attending at least 35 of the past Med-Week Congresses, there was no way I was missing this one whether with a group or on my own. And it was worth it! We

Office Notice October 2018

Office Notice October 2018 Notice: Just a brief announcement that I (Carolyn) will be away from my desk from the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 11 through Monday, Oct. 14, 2018. Mom Catharine and I will be traveling to attend a family funeral. Note that I will be attending the Baden-Baden Medicine Week Congress this year – sans

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