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Carolyn has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English speaking countries, in the most effective German diagnostic and therapeutic methods as the CEO and Managing Director of the Occidental Institute research foundation.

Occidental Institute was an international nonprofit society for practitioners of biological medicine. From 1972 to 2018 the Institute itself had been in continuous operation and specialized in German biological medicine.  Far ahead of the United States and Canada from the standpoint of its acceptance, utilization, established remedies, and superior instrumentation.

As a non-profit research organization, OIRF’s mandate was to educate, inform and to make instrumentation recommendations based on years of research.  .

After 46 years of continuous support to OIRF, in 2018 Carolyn decided to retire and focus on herself, her writings and her lectures.  Below you will find Carolyn’s upcoming lecture schedule, her most recent writings and a contact form should you wish to reach out to her.



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Something New

Something New Thank you for visiting this new page on the P2P website. For now the page has been established and I am preparing a number of posts and information releases about those products, devices and publications which I can recommend or suggest for your Biological Medicine practice. The plan is to add various items to this


History in North Carolina: During the recent AMA workshop with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis Missouri, I was honored and privileged to meet Dr. John Wilson from North Carolina. Dr. Wilson was a strong advocate and fearless fighter during the long-term struggle to change the existing regulations for physicians in that state so that they can practice

FIT 915 Photobiological Goggles!

Reminder FIT 915 Photobiological Goggles Available: Praxis2Practice is able to act as a liaison with Medical Electronics and Mr. Dieter Jossner for patients, clients and docs to obtain the wildly popular FIT 915 (photobiological eye goggles) and the UBS 315 (for the energetic enhancement of water and other liquids). Please contact Carolyn via the P2P website or email

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