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Carolyn has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English speaking countries, in the most effective German diagnostic and therapeutic methods as the CEO and Managing Director of the Occidental Institute research foundation.

Occidental Institute was an international nonprofit society for practitioners of biological medicine. From 1972 to 2018 the Institute itself had been in continuous operation and specialized in German biological medicine.  Far ahead of the United States and Canada from the standpoint of its acceptance, utilization, established remedies, and superior instrumentation.

As a non-profit research organization, OIRF’s mandate was to educate, inform and to make instrumentation recommendations based on years of research.  .

After 46 years of continuous support to OIRF, in 2018 Carolyn decided to retire and focus on herself, her writings and her lectures.  Below you will find Carolyn’s upcoming lecture schedule, her most recent writings and a contact form should you wish to reach out to her.



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COVID-19, Parts 2 & 3

COVID-19, Parts 2 & 3 March 18, 2020 Last week Canada and the USA closed their borders to air travel from many countries, and with this morning’s news the border between Canada and the USA is now closed to all non-essential travel. People in both countries are encouraged to use social distancing and self-isolation as a method


COVID-19 [Novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV] As of today 17 February 2020, the number of recorded cases of this virus has exceeded 71,000 and the number of deaths beyond 1,700 (a little over 2%). As so many resources are publishing their immediate understanding of the outbreak and the media is in a frenzy of fear mongering, I figured I

A Time of Consideration

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" A Time of Consideration A4M Anti-Aging or Complementary & Energy Medicine Medical vs Wellness or Physical/Chemical vs Energy Can We Use Energetic Assessments to Guide Therapy and Move Toward “Wellness”? I have taken some time after returning from the A4M Conference in Las Vegas, NV during December 2019 and over the recent holiday period

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